Sarah Huckabee Sanders/ Rudy Giuliani

Sarah Huckabee Sanders made an appearance  last night on Cuomo on CNN, supposedly to talk, in the end all she did is what she does daily in her press conferences, avoid and deflect. Sarah has no answers and is happy to sit there and deflect and avoid answering any questions that have to do with the actions, responses of President Donald Trump. Asked about Stormy Daniels, no forthcoming answers at all, she refers all to the OutSide Lawyers of the President, she did the same on all issues related to the RUssia Investigation, stating you want to talk to me about my job fine, but I am not getting into legal matters. Now, understanding where she is coming from basically, she is covering her own ass and I don’t blame her. It’s like standing in a burning building, and watching it burn behind you, but not wanting to leave it either, she wants to stay in the job as Press Secretary, it’s the highest she will ever hold as a position in her life. She has reached her pinnacle and she knows it and will stay and go down with the ship if she has to, not out of loyalty, but out of self- preservation. The standard answer she gives of I am not getting involved in the legal issues, they are for the outside lawyers of the President, I believe was given to her to say, more than likely by he father Mike Huckabee, I would bet. And in her current position and under the conditions she must do her job under, I don’t blame her for using it as a mantra for all interviews and questions that are dangerous to her. She is trying to avoid being sucked into the twister that is the Trump garbage and illegal acts bin and blown away, like her predecessor was. She doesn’t want any criminal liability attached to herself, god bless ya Sarah I hope it works for you.

I remind you though Sarah Huckabee Sanders, If you make statements from the Press Secretary Podium on a daily basis and at anytime you know those statements are false or lies and pass them on to the American Public, it is why you are now having a credibility problem, with the press. Sooner or later, they won’t believe a word you say and poof you will be gone, just like the man before you.

That said and done, lets move on here to the next subject, Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City and Hero of 9/11. Mr. Mayor in all due respect for what you did for the people of New York City and the country, I respectfully must tell you, you should get the hell off the stage and stop trying to be Trump’s mouth piece for the illegal acts and crimes and misdemeanors he has done in Office.

You attack Stormy Daniels for him, talking about her reputation, her looks, and credibility, do you really know anything about her at all as a person. No, you doing so at the behest of Donald J. Trump is all, well that’s fine Rudy do it if you must, but you looking like an ass. Take a look at yourself on television all over the world now, wild eyes and crazy looking, speaking out the side of your mouth like a New York Gangster and even the Israel news women told you to watch you mouth and what you say on air, regarding women. Sad.

Your mouthing off fast and shouting from the rooftops and then coming back saying oh I made mistakes when I first took on the case. I remind you Rudy, you are making statements publicly on the record, in the news and on television and radio, that can be used against you in a courtroom.  You can deflect and avoid the truth all you want that’s true, but when the words coming out of you mouth defame, or lie to the American people, they will come back to bite you and you know it, so you attempt to hedge them as you go along by saying, well I made mistakes when I took on the case. That will only work for a very short period of time Mr. Mayor and you know it too. Ultimately you are throwing your reputation down the drain for Donald J. Trump, and to get you attention is all, and you will regret it. Like all the rest who work for Donald J. Trump, you are trying to be loyal to him, which we all know is his requirement for keeping anyone around him, but at what cost to your own reputation and your own public persona?

Slowly republicans who are leaving office this year are peeling away from Donald Trump and his outrageous theories of Spygate and other things, and his attacks on The Mueller Investigation sucks. Look the man is guilty of Colluding with Russia, he is Guilty of Obstruction of Justice the proof is coming and leaking out a little at a time to the American Public, how much longer do you think it will be before it all comes out and Mueller’s reports hit Congress and the press in full force? It’s now been 16 or 17 months, so don’t you think Mueller and his people have the evidence and are compiling it well enough to make the presentation to Congress, that will result in Impeachment? If you don’t than  your a fool, no one runs an investigation this long without having found evidence, do they? Why would you keep digging, if there was no proof, you wouldn’t. Guess what, President Donald Trump, the facts are coming out daily leaking slowly, when Mueller finishes there will be no way to avoid it all, the fires that burn will get you. In the end, Impeachment will come get Donald J. Trump it has to his  High Crimes and Misdemeanors are apparent and clear. Duck dodge, deflect, avoid all you want, it all catches up in the end, run all you want, the truth always catches up and gets you in the end.


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