Trump/ Un Meeting/ Un Won He Got What He Wanted!

President Trump made his trip to Singapore and meet with the North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un, did he get anything in return, no, no guarantees to denuke the Korean countries, no peace agreement between North and South Korea either. In the end it was nothing more than a shake my hand meeting.

I care not what the joint statement says, for it will make no difference and anyone with any common sense will understand, Kim Jung Un won in the end. He got his seat at the world table, and his photo op to send home to his people in North Korea. The glorious North Korea Leader shaking hands with the American President for all to see. Did he give up any nukes, no, did he agree to sign a peace agreement with South Korea and end the decades long war, no. He gave nothing to Trump except a smile and hand shake, and got everything he wanted, a seat at the table with the Leader of the Free World, a platform to speak from, in the future. That was the whole meeting period. Kim Jung Un one, Trump 0, is how you score it folks! We lost, cause Trump was even stupid enough to tell him we will stop joint training mission with South Korea. what do we get in return nothing. When Trump rushed into this so called Summit/ Meeting I said to everyone, he has no experience, he has no knowledge of Un or North Korea and he is ill prepared to do this, bammmm it’s proven now. Trump got no denuking, he got no guarantees in writing to even end the decades long Korean War, sad. He secured nothing from Kim Jung Un and in the end all he did was give up a lot for nothing. Failure!

Will the United States or the world see North Korea give up missiles, or nukes of any kind in the future no we won’t. Look it took Kim Jung Un and two prior generations decades to make nukes and to show the world they could do it, do you really think, he is going to just throw them all away, because he got to shake a President of the United States hand on Television and talk to him? Nope. The only guarantee Kim Jung Un has of staying in power in North Korea is to keep those nukes, otherwise his nation is going under economically, and their food supply is running short. With The Nukes he is a power and can make trade deals with other countries, he isn’t going to give them up. You wouldn’t either, if it took three generations of your family to get to have them, and to get the World and The United States to recognize you for having them and give you a seat on  the world stage. It was all about status, a seat on the world stage, and a platform, and most of all the photo op, thats is what Trump gave him. It was a dumb move on Trump’s part, and if he stops the military exercises with South Korea, then Trump is dumber than dumb, for you are not going to get a damn thing from Kim Jung Un for doing so. If anything the sanctions should stay in place, the military exercises should continue as normal, nothing should change, if Kim Jung Un wants change for his country, then agree to end the Korean War with the south, destroy the nukes you built. Otherwise nothing changes, for if Trump stops the exercises with South Korea, America will look weak in the eyes of the world and in the eyes of our allies.



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