Mid-Terms/Complaints/ Suggestions for President Trump

Mid-Term Elections are beginning and coming at a fast pace now. The senate and House will have many up for re-election and many now stepping aside, it’s becoming time to make choices and to raise your voices Americans.

There are die hard, Trump supporters out there left and right who no matter what he does, like he said, he can shoot somebody and not lose their votes, he is more than likely true and right on that point.  Yet there is no excuse if they do keep voting for him on their part, except they are die hard loyalist who will back him no matter what he says or does. When you do you better look at all of his policies and what he is doing before you just go vote for him on his name and or fame. America is not a real estate company, and this is not the Apprentice, please remember that.

So, is Trump the President we need and want to keep? You Tell me Americans, for from what I am seeing he isn’t, he is dangerous and illegal in my opinion. Yes, already even before I start I hear the naysayers and supporters going I am full of shit I don’t know what I am talking about and I am a liberal. I here all of them blindly walking behind Trump and tooting his horn, but to me they are blind period.

Here is my opinion on what I see, 1) Donald J. Trump sold himself off to the highest bidder to get elected and that is Russia and Putin. The proof is in the money which is being traced currently by Mueller and the Russia Investigation. 2) The Trump Tower Meeting tells the whole story of collusion in my opinion, Russians lawyers and more all in meetings with Trump Jr. Manafort, and Jared Kushner all wanting information against Hillary Clinton from Russia.

3) Lets talk about Isolation of the United States by an American President. Paris Environmental Agreement gone,  NAFTA he is pulling us out of,  wont’s sign G7 Summit Agreement, Tariffs on our allies and friends who fought with us in World War 1 and 2 and Korea and Vietnam and Afghanistan and Iran and Iraq. It’s not the way you treat your allies folks, you talk to them, you negotiate with them and you rach deals, he is no deal maker, he is tearing up our allies and ruining our place as a leader in the world.

4) The Russian Investigation has reached huge proportions, 13 Russians indicted, Manafort, Gates, Popudoulpilis, all Indicted and some cooperating with the Mueller Team.And lots more coming as one has already been sentenced, more are being indicted and Manafort is being slapped with more charges come friday. Do you really believe there is nothing to all of this, well if you do, then I disagree.

5) Trump is giving Russia all they want and more, in all ways he can, the latest being the request for them to be allowed back into the G7. They invaded a country and annexed it in Crimea  and now you want them back in the G7, why, what we are supposed to just overlook it right, wrong!

6) Trump wants to hit Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. CUt back benefits for Seniors and the Disabled and use the money elsewhere. Really and what will the American Blue Collar Worker and the Disabled and Retired do for Healthcare and income as we age? No Social Security, no Medicare or Medicaid will kill Seniors and the Disabled in America, you do realize that right, plus, it will heap the cost on the taxpayers to cover the medical for the elderly and disabled when they walk into Emergency Rooms country wide, they can’t be refused treatment you know.

7) The Wall, between America and Mexico, why is it needed now, what drugs and illegal immigration right? Let’s see now America and Mexico have been neighbors for 247 years, no wall there and we have survived and handled it. We know all about the drug cartels and violence, we have fought them since the beginning. Billions for a wall, which will cost billions more to maintain and man is not the way to go. Wake up! Yeah I know Trump promised one right so he has to keep his promise. not really if common sense is used it won’t be kept. It’s an unnecessary cost.

8) You want to do something to improve Veteran’s Care Mr. Trump, I have a suggestion for you, many Veterans like myself, who are Honorably Discharged and Disabled, live in areas which are not within the areas of the Veterans Hospitals and we need emergent care now and then and can’t get to those Hospitals. How about you build more Veterans Hospitals and then for those of us marked Disabled, 50 percent and up, you make our ID Cards, into a card that is universally covered for treatment for Emergent Care at any and all public medical Facilities, so those of us can be treated in our own neighborhoods and not have to go through the hoops os trying to get there or get the Veterans Administration to pay. It’s a pain in the ass trying to get any bill made in an Emergent Basis at a civilian Hospital or facility paid by the Veterans Administration. You want to help the Veterans in America who served, then change their ID Cards to give them coverage for emergencies, closer to home.

9) Stop making deals like the one you just did with North Korea, you just made a mess. You think by stopping joint exercises and saving money on them you have made the region safer? Wrong, what of the danger of North Korea’s missiles and nukes being aimed at Japan? Does that make Japan safer who is our ally? Nope. You got nothing firm in your so called Summit with Kim Jung UN, but you gave up a lot for a photo op, and it was better for Un then you or America. Sad!

10) Recently, I received an Email and a Tweet, that asked me, What would I want President Trump to do most, that would help Americans in need?  My Response President Trump is this, 1) Create Universal Healthcare for all Americans. 2) Stop pissing off our allies with Tariffs not needed. 3) Create a Veterans Identification Card for Veterans  50% Disabled or Better to be seen at any Medical Facility near them, for Emergency Medical Treatments they can’t travel to a Veterans Hospital for. This way veterans who get sick and can’t reach Veterans Hospitals, can get seen for medical treatment at no cost to themselves and the medical facilities will get paid for taking care of Veterans in need. Hows that for a few suggestions?







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