My Books, They are Shorts and Poems! FIGHT CANCER!

I write for Therapy for my PTSD and to help my wife, who suffers from Breast Cancer, which has metastasized to Bone Cancer and is now Stage Four. My Stories are nex, different and I believe some say interesting. How about giving them a try, if your on a Kindle E-reader or one that takes the Application, they are cheap and simple reads

My Author’s Page can be found here:images (26)

My Newest and Longest, A Indian Chief returns to the Valley taken from his people, builds and then faces the Government that forces him to fight back and make a decision to save his people. See what he decides!

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This is an original story that spans generations of Lakota Indians. The main character, Professor Stan Strachen, tells his own story of hidden Lakota secrets uncovered by himself while exploring in South Dakota. It’s told in a first person happening now style. The reader is experiencing everything at the same time as the main character.

This is a entertaining easy short mystery. Page turner. Impossible to predict what’s coming next.

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