Crisis, the American Dream is Dying!

America was built on dreams and offers of freedoms not found anywhere else in the world, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, are tops and so is the freedom of being who and and what you want as long as you follow the laws. Well, what do we do when it is out own Government that breaks the moral and ethical standards needed to create the greatest government and country on the planet? Where do we turn when we find ourselves doing things such as seperating children from their parents and caging them like animals so an American President can blackmail and force the Senate and House to give him money for a wall? The desperation of Trump and his Administration to build a wall where none has needed to exist for 247 years of American History is sad. For some reason President Trump believes he is right and will not change the policy in question, so he is traumatizing children and mothers and father all at once to try to get his way! This is the saddest display of political power in American History, it is on the same line of the jailing of the Japanese during World War 2 and the jailing of the African Americans and Jews too. I am not comparing it to the Nazis’s yet it comes in a close second for sure in world history and such an atrocity places America in World History as a deplorable and despite country.

Donald J. Trump when elected wanted to, and suggested he would end up on Mount Rushmore, sorry no way.  He wants a Nobel Peace Prize for his work with North Korea, he should get an award ok, but not that one! He didn’t get anything concrete out of Kim Jung Un at all and gave up more than he ever could get. Kim Jung Un is laughing at him and the world is going what the hell is wrong with America!

The Senate and The House of representatives need to step up, they need to tell the world and the people they don’t agree with Trump’s policies. They need to stop these children from being ripped from their families at our borders. It’s a sad world when Americans get taken and treated like shit and the same should be said for anyone else it is being done to, no double standards allowed, stop the taking of children now!

Read the Statue of Liberty, understand the words and meanings of freedom, honor, trust, and the words of give us your masses!. All of a sudden America is refusing children and mothers and fathers who are under the threat of being killed by drug cartels and gangsters in other lands, since when I ask.

The AMerican dream was and still is a land where all are accepted and cared for and allowed to become citizens, are you killing the American Dream President Trump?  We are at a crisis here and the whole world is watching as young children are caged and treated like animals by you and your administration, change the damn policy now. The American dream is dying and you Sir are the man causing the crisis that is destroying the American Dream and the status of America in the World.


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