In America, is Entitlement real/ Impeach Trump

Are Americans entitled to special privileges, special money, special education, special positions in society? Do some really believe that is true? For if they do believe it, I would tell them now and here don’t, for the time is coming soon enough when those who believe they are entitled, will find out they are not.

The Entitled in America, as I call them are the rich, the famous and the politicians. They roan America thinking they are better than the average american citizen and they hold their fancy cars and money and positions, over the average american’s head. They think because they have money they can not fall, well if I am correct that will change soon enough.

Today in America the entitled as i call them can be found sitting on political dynasties, there was the Kennedy’s, The Nixons, the Bush’s, The Clintons and now the Trumps, sad huh? They all believe because they were elected to the White House, they can do or say whatever they wish about and to anyone they wish.  I beg to differ on this point, because, even with all their money, political position and what they call power, they are not the entitled really, they are the fortunate is all.

Kennedy and his family believe they were presenting a moment in time and called it Camelot. Camelot ended in the President’s Death, His Brother’s Death, Martin Luther King Jrs. death and then Edward Kennedy’s downfall, and then the death of John JR.. They were not invincible or nor almighty, nor were they kings and queens they were humans who got blasted off the thrones they put themselves on, by bullets, and more.

Lyndon Johnson wanted to be President so bad in 1960, he would have done anything to get it. He failed and became Kennedy’s Vice President and succeeded him as President. yet four years later he refused to run for reelection, for Johnson learned he too was human and he too could be taken down, by legal issues and troubles with how he got to the top himself.

Richard Nixon, ran so many time sit became a joke in American History, that he wouldn’t come back to get pushed around anymore by the media. Guess what he did, and he won the office of The Presidency, only to be removed from office when he decided to authorize break-ins and more against his opponents. Sad, huh, Mainly sad because Nixon was brilliant in foreign affairs, he opened up Russia and China, but in the end no matter what he did that was right it was overshadowed by what he did that was wrong, he was Impeached, and forced to resign in disgrace and go home to die a lonely man.

Earlier in American History Andrew Johnson was Impeached on 11 Articles. 11 Articles of Impeachment all High Crimes and Misdemeanors. While he was the first to be Impeached it proved that no man not even the President of The United States is above the Law.

Richard Nixon, had Watergate and The Break-ins and Obstruction of Justice left and right, as his mind allowed him to believe he was god like and above the law. As he said himself in an interview back then, ” If The President does it it isn’t illegal.” Nixon left office and when he did he flew out to his home in California and disappeared from the public until later in life. He died a lonely man and ostracized by the country he claimed to love so much.

William Jefferson Clinton, was Impeached also,but not driven from office, for WhiteWater, and infidelities with women. The Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky affairs, got the public’s full attention and Clinton lied straight faced to the American People on Television. CLinton got to finish his two terms, why because American’s do forgive acts of infidelity, even in a President, but the Impeachment stands today as a mark on American History.

Now Let’s Talk Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States. He has two very well known affairs during his running for office while married. He has an affair with a playboy bunny( Macdougal) and a porn actress (Daniels) and no one draws up any articles of Impeachment, why because the Congress is controlled by his party.  Yet Clinton was partially impeached for it, and Trump lied to the American People about it just as Clinton did.

Collusion is the act of working with a second party to influence, control and get the result you want. DOnald J. Trump colluded with the russians and Putin to win the White House and The American Presidency. The proof is in the Trump Tower Meetings, it’s in where the russian rubles were spent in the election, in the Blue Belt Area. It’s in the fact 13 russians are indicted by the Special Console. It’s in the facts of the Resignation or Michael Flynn, the Indictments of Flynn, Papadopulos, Gates, Manafort and more. Is America blind or you just playing stupid folks, you tell me? It is Collusion, I know it is, COngress knows it is and yet they refuse to write Articles of Impeachment, bullshit!.

Let’s talk Obstruction of Justice, the firing of Sally Yates, the Firing of James Comey, the asking of Comey by Trump to see clear and overlook Michael Flynn and his crimes. Come on now. The fact his own Attorney General has to step aside in the Russian Investigation and recuse himself should tell you something. The evidence of Collusion alone should tell you something here, COngress should Impeach Trump, they should tar and feather him and ride him out of town on a rail. He colluded with Russia to get the Presidency, and in the end any collusion with a sworn enemy of the United States is Treason, which makes him a traitor to the American people and nation. The last one to sell out America, was Benedict Arnold, in the Revolutionary War. Do we remember what happened to Arnold, he was forced to flee the United States and go to Britain, and live out the remaining years as a traitor to the United States and when he died Benedict Arnold wore not the redcoats of The British, but he died in his Blue coats of the Americans, crying of how he had committed treason against america and never should have.

Donald John Trump, needs Impeached and removed from office, his plan of isolating America from the world is working, Tariff wars are happening, Americans are in confusion as to what exactly he is doing as President. Is it right to place tariffs on your allies you rely on to help protect democracy in the world?  Is it right to pull us from the Paris Environmental Pact, NAFTA, and more? How much further can Congress allow this to go on and why won’t they act? You tell me folks!

Putin is winning folks he is getting what he wants out of Trump in all ways. He is getting discontent, anger and watching as Trump sows racist hate and bigotry across America and the world. Putin is laughing and enjoying America being shunted aside and looked at the way it is now. It is what the Russian and Putin want, so he can keep doing his expansion of russia and communism. Sadly, the American Congress is blind to it all, why?








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