Ignorance is no Excuse/ Impeach Trump!

Ignorance runs rapid in America! You tell people the facts, you broadcast them on public news stations all over the world, and yet Trump Supporters, just blindly believe anything he says, regardless of the facts. Ignorance is a big factor in the American situation currently happening, President Trump comes out and says it must be so, his followers say look Trump said it so it is so. Sadly, you have followers of Trump that do so blindly, like a cult following, like those that followed james Jones to their deaths. Why?

Ignorance folks is not an excuse for all that has happened. Million upon millions of russian rubles were spent, to direct ads to the Blue Belt States of the United States, yet you tell trump supporters this they will say you lie. You tell them he colluded with russians to win the United States Presidency and they go shut up, screw you, you don’t know what your saying and so much more and then they cry fake news like he does. Sadly they are ignorant of the facts the numbers are crazy here, millions of rubles from russians spent to put Trump in office. 23 Russians indicted, Papadopulos, Manafort, Gates, Flynn, all indicted or convicted and turning evidence. Sad!. Yet, Trump knew nothing right, sorry he knew, just as he knew he wrote the letter on Air Force one in his son’s name. He lies folks and Congress is letting this happen daily, he averages  nine lies a day to the American People.

Now he uses immigrant children to blackmail and try to force Congress to fund his wall between the USA and Mexico. yeah I know he said it was the law, there is no such laws folks never was, and I don’t care what anyone says, children should not be used as hostages and separated from their parents so he can get his stupid wall funded. We have survived 247 years as a nation with no wall between us and Mexico, why would we need one now, we handled it for 247 years. Sad!

Obstruction of Justice is obvious as hell, the Firings of Sally yates, james Comey, to stop the Russian Investigation failed, he fired them but others kept it going. Mueller he attacks daily with lies, slurs, slanders and misinformation, and he still can’t stop the inevitable. The Investigation is still going on and will continue folks and when Mueller drops the Impeachment Articles and charges in Congress and the house of representatives he will get impeached it is coming. The only debate is whether he will be forced to testify or face Mueller in a closed session and sooner of later Mueller will bypass that an dhand it all to congress and Trump can then testify before them. The bottom line is this Mueller has more than enough to start Impeachment Articles in the House of Representatives and hearings. Mueller knows it, Trump knows it, Trump’s lawyers know it and so does the American Public. It’s coming and people should realize what is happening now, Trump has Colluded with the Russians and putin, he has Obstructed Justice in so many ways it is silly, he has isolated America from the world and destroyed our reputation and position in world affairs. It’s sad, because his defense isn’t on the facts, his defense is fake news! Sad indeed!.

Ignorance can not save Trump, or his supporters, that’s for sure. But I remind the Trump Supporters out there who are so die-hard they will support him even if he shits in your face, supporting him only encourages further destruction of America’s Democracy, Moral Fiber and Ethical standards. It destroys our standing with out allies, and attacking our allies with tariffs only isolates America more. Ignorance will not save a tjing here, the truth of the matter is simple Trump did it all, he colluded, he obstructed, he used children to blackmail congress for the funds for his wall and in the end, his ignorance and his followers ignorance is ruining America and i’s democracy.

There is no Excuse for ignorance, or lies, or collusion or obstruction of justice I know history; Andrew Johnson Impeached, richard Nixon Impeached, William Clinton Impeached, all for far less than what Trump has done. It’s time for The Senate, and The House of representatives to Write Articles of Impeachment and act to remove Donald J. Trump from the Presidency and return America to it’s rightful position in the world.




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