Wake Up! Check your child’s cell phone, Tablet or Computer, don’t let your child become a victim to an online predator!

Social Media Apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, have to understand that what is posted on their web sites/ pages, is also a responsibility of theirs as well as the person writing it. While I admire and approve of them providing a platform for all to assert and use the freedom of speech amendment of the Constitution, they have to understand or use a disclaimer for things they are not backing or saying themselves. legal problems can arise if they don’t, and in today’s America, lawsuits are not new.

Each Social Media App or Page should also be aware that children try to use them, for purposes of contests and competitive events with peers their own age as well as bullying sessions and more. How often FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and others check their sites for these problems, can make the difference between life and death and sometimes prevent suicide in some youngsters. Parents should also be aware that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, allow adult topics and deny culpability in what can happen to your children, so in the end these web sites, or Apps are they are called, should post notices on the use of them, to protect children.

Parents try to protect their children by warning them, that their FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram pages should only be allowed access to, by people they know, but no parents can realistically stop, anyone who follows or pursues their child over the internet, such sites like Kix, Snapchat and others are out there on cell phones and can be used by any child, or any adult to trap and trace and lure children in. This should be regulated by The App Provider and by parents both. If you check your child’s phone, or computer or Ipad or tablet and they have  hundreds of followers and they are adults, you should unplug your child and then sue the APP Provider to protect your child. There are too many predators in the world for these apps to be allowing children under 16 years old to use them. They don’t understand the dangers of social media and apps, and if their parents can’t stop them, then the predators come out of the woodwork. That said, I hope many parents read this and understand what I am saying, because if someone or something harms your child because you didn’t check their use of social media apps, then the App Providers will blame you and not take the blame if it goes to court, they will fight you under the Freedom Of Speech Act. They will say it’s the parents fault, or the child fault, not the providers, and that my friends can be a lie, so big that someone loses a child and no one wants to take the blame, and it would be a losing situation for the parents of some young children. Wake Up! Check your child’s cell phone, Tablet or Computer, don’t let your child become a victim to an online predator!



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