Hecklers and The Reason

Recently, heckling of Politicians and Cabinet members of the Trump Administration has become the thing to do for people  in America. While it is a non-violent way of protesting, what you believe is not right with the country, is it the right way to go?

Non-Violent protest has been a part of American History since it’s beginning and it is legal to do so, until someone is physically or mentally or emotionally hurt from it, then you have crossed the line, mind I remind those doing so. Politicians and those who work for the Government be it the Trump Administration or any other, understand the chance they take, taking positions they take. Public life is not a ride down a clear highway of pleasure, you face opposing views and anger from others and as a politician or public service worker you should understand that. Americans have the right to free speech, and can protest in any way they wish, and in the end, to heckle Politicians, Administration Members or public service workers, can’t be stopped or held back, people have a right to express their anger and they will do it anyway.

Why do they heckle people easy folks, the people being heckled here are people who are disliked for their public views, ads, policies, and their own voicing of those views. You open your mouth in public and say things you honestly believe in and yes there will be Americans who disagree and who will heckle you and oppose you in every way possible. It’s been a tradition and way in America since the start of the country and we are not alone in doing so, it is done in every country in the world, so, if you don’t want heckled chased or called out, by the people, you should keep your opinions to yourself and keep a low profile. heckling is actually a peaceful protest and show of resistance and opposition to whatever you are voicing publically, so be prepared for it.

As to the Heckling of The Trump Administration Personnel I think they deserve it in many ways. Mind you now this is my opinion, but, when you work for a man, who 1) Colluded with the Russians and Putin to get elected and he is Putin’s puppet, you get heckled. When 2) You Obstruct Justice in every way you can to stop an investigation into your actions and you fire Sally Yates, James Comey and you have 13 Russians Indicted, and then add Manafort, Gates, Papadoulis, Flynn and more cooperating and being indicted and charged for crimes from laundering of money, lying, well lets just say, you may reconsider who your working for? Sadly, some are so stupid and ignorant, they don’t know when to get away from toxic substances like Trump!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders the White House Press Secretary, cried foul when the Owner of The Red Hen asked her to leave because she works for Trump, and said she was avoiding trouble doing so. I admire the fact she left voluntarily, what I don’t admire is the fact she cried foul in the first place. While she has a right to agree or disagree with the owner of the place who asked her to leave, as a public servant of the United States Government and the Trump Administration she broke ethics laws on speaking out against the establishment publically. This is what is wrong with the Trump Administration in a nutshell here,  You can’t do it we can, right! Wrong folks, Americans follow examples of their leaders it is part of a public officials job to set examples and to do what is right morally, ethically and legally, so if your coming out as an official and attacking others freedom of speech and right to run their establishment the way they want, then guess what, you will get heckled and more.

So, is Heckling a reporter wrong, or a public servant, or an official in America, no but it’s ok! What’s wrong is that when you don’t realize your the one supposed to be setting the examples and being a leader and you fail to be and then cry foul when someone calls you out. Heckling is legal it is a verbal way of protesting that is telling the people talking we don’t want to hear any more of your bullshit, and we are tired of it, change the recording!

Sadly, it is now a standard in America, due to a President and Administration who heckled others, made fun of others and is rude and inconsiderate to others and has no care except for themselves except kissing Trump’s ass.  Trump is the most morally, ethically, and unintelligent President in American History, and anyone who follows him blindly, deserves it if they are heckled in my opinion. The President can Heckled and make fun of the disabled and other politicians right he did so many times, then here is my word. you get back what you give out Trump Administration Officials and Cabinet members and you too Mr. Donald Trump and Family.




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