Don’t !

Don’t !

BY; William M. McCurrach

Swear you know it all!
Try to be the savior for all, you will fail.
Believe everything your told, it’s only half true. 
Don’t choose sides between, children or siblings and parents,
You lose everything you do.
Don’t judge a divorced parent as the guilty one and the other,
As a hero, because both failed at the marriage, not just one.
Don’t battle among family members, for the family you lose
Will be your own and you will need them one day.
Don’t lie everyday about anything to hide something, in the
In the end the truth will bite you in the ass and cost you!
Don’t is a precautionary word, usually meaning you will pay
Later if you do, do it.
Don’t turn on your own flesh and blood, for when you need
Them in return they won’t be there for you and yours.
Sadly, most have no memories of don’ts, they automatically,
Take sides, and burn themselves later over it all.
Sadly, just Don’t!!!!!!!!!!!

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