The Trump Fiasco!

The Trump Fiasco started the day he came down in the Trump Tower and declared he was running for President and it hasn’t stopped since. It has been one thing after another, he attacked all immigrants that day, starting with mexicans and afro americans and asians and has stopped since. He is one prejudice and discriminating person, and I don’t understand why any American would vote for such a person. Yet I know he is now President, I have no respect for him, his ways or ideas and I don’t understand why Congress has not started writing impeachment articles on him. He is the worst President in American History and I guess as long as he gives his die hard supporters what they want they will defend his stupid ass. I have seen every President from John F. Kennedy, till Trump today and none have done as bad as Trump and none have a record as bad as Trump’s.

Andrew Johnson was Impeached for far less, as were Richard Nixon and William J. Clinton.  Sadly, the Trump supporters will continue to support him and kiss his ass and bend over and take it from him no matter what, I see them on Television everyday. You can start the list as follows: Steve Cortess, Jason Miller, Sean Hannity, Paris Dennard, they all think Trump is a hero and great President. Sad.

Trump dodged the draft four times, his excuse is simple I have Bone Spurs in my feet, what kinda crap is that? Daddy Trump paid those Doctors a lot of money to keep you safe and at home Donald, didn’t he? Sad indeed! Your a damn Draft Dodger DOnald J. Trump!

Your also a predator and sexual abuser, and user of women. Sad again, ogh I know his supporters says it doesn’t matter everyone knows his record with women, but we don’t care. Bullshit, 16 women accusers, has paid Stormy Daniels and McDOugal off to keep quiet, before the election. Lots of bucks there! 280 grand worth between the two of them, just to keep them quiet so he could be elected President, sad.

He Colluded with Russia and they spent Millions and Millions of Rubles to direct his ads to the Blue Belt Region of America and he gets away with it and they do too. Messing with the basic act of Free Elections in America is no freebie folks, and it is a treasonous act to do so, especially if you colluded with Russia to do it, our enemy. The man is a traitor to the American Government and the American People, yet no one is acting yet?

He Obstructs Justice firing Sally Yates, James COmey, protecting Michael Flynn, and then 13 russians are indicted for helping him, Manafort, Papadoulis, FLynn, Gates, all indicted and charged and some even sentenced and he is still in office, come on wake up! He is doing what Putin wants, he is isolating the United States from the world and our Allies. He places Tariffs on our allies and you don’t see what he is doing to us? Dad indeed folks, sad indeed!

KIm Jung Un, made a fool out of Trump, he got what he wanted, a seat on the same platform as The American President and then went home and started rebuilding his nuke capabilities, Trump lost folks, he is no negotiator, he failed. Kim Jung Un Won! Now, the world sees it and is laughing at Trump and so am I I knew from the beginning Trump could never handle Kim Jung Un or any other leader in the world. It’s sad.

Now he is going to make the Supreme Court all Conservative and Republican and women will suffer, as Roe, V Wade dies. Sad!





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