July has Arrived, and the 4th is next!

As the Temperatures rise across the globe that is planet earth and we all enjoy a summer season here, we also are making plans to be hit with a massive heat wave and a celebration of the creation of our country America.

As the fireworks will erupt across America in a few days, my neighbor has started early he was going at it for the last two days. We must all remember what the holiday is about folks, it is about the creation of a democracy and republic that gives us freedom of speech, religion and the right to bear arms. I don’t agree personally with anyone bearing arms for my own reasons, and I understand the right under the constitution and our bill of rights. Although the reading of the Amendment to Bear Arms says we have the right to bear arms to form Militias not for everyday purposes, Americans stretch it to mean always. But, this is not a post to argue the right to bear arms or not, it is a post as to what America has become and is becoming today.

America was formed and created by 56 Americans who signed it’s constitution, and took a chance they would not be caught and hung for treason by the British and the King of England. They took a chance folks, for if caught they would have been declared traitors  to the Crown at the time. Yet they did it because they believed in the freedoms we now have today of free speech, free elections, religious freedom and so much more, they believe in a land created by and for the people who live within its own borders and they produced the greatest nation on the planet earth, America, The United States of America yes.

I am proud to be an American and I voluntarily served my country for sixteen years, I did three branches folks, U.S. Army, U,S. Army National Guard and for the final 12 U.S. Navy. I served not for myself during these years and many service members like myself, disabled or regular who retired will tell you we served not for ourselves but to protect and defend the people we loved back home while we were off doing our thing. We gained experience in the military and many of us grew to adulthood under the guise and protection of serving. Yet in the end it was the protection of those we loved and left behind that drove us to do the jobs we did, and America is still free today because of the sacrifices we made, just as the ForeFathers of America made their sacrifices and took their chances in creating what we have.

So, as you prepare your fireworks, lite your grills, cook your burgers, hot dogs and steaks, and drink your beer and wine, and jump into your pools in your back yards, all we the Veterans of America, Disabled and healthy want all to know, and we ask of all of you, is a brief moment in your time of a little respect when you see us in the streets, or in parades, or in your stores. All we ask is you enjoy your freedoms, we don’t care what color you be, what religion you follow or practice, we don’t, what we care about is the fact AMERICA IS FREE !!!

We the PEOPLE have the right to Elect and PICK our PRESIDENT AND LEADERS, my one question is this: DID AMERICANS REALLY PICK DONALD J. TRUMP to be President, or did the RUSSIANS led by Putin do it, by spending millions of millions of rubles in ADS? You Tell Me Folks?



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