Questions for ALL! Answer America if You Care and Can!

I will keep it simple, one Question for All Americans:

When is it enough, when do we as Americans finally stand up not only on our streets and cities, but in Congress, both the House and Senate and say, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH, TRUMP MUST GO!

  1. He colluded with Russia and is a bought and owned man, by Putin and his Russian Pals.
  2. He Obstructed Justice in his firing of Sally Yates, James Comey.
  3. He is Isolating America from the world, pulling us out of The Paris Accords, He wants to pull us from Nafta and he is placing tariffs on countries who are our allies.
  4. Britain our oldest and closest ally, says they don’t want him there and are planning protests if he arrives there.
  5.  He has insulted the President of France, Germany and other countries and treats them like shit with no respect.
  6. He has now 13 Russians indicted by the Special Prosecutor in the Russian Investigation
  7. How about those charged now, Manafort, Gates, Papadoulis, Flynn and more coming?
  8. Here is the bottom question America how far are we going to allow a criminal to push America out of the world and isolate and destroy us from within?
  9. Stop and think, if you were our mortal enemy like Putin and the Russians isn’t this the best way to destroy the only and greatest democracy and republic in the world, from within?
  10. Now we come to the Midterm Elections of 2018, are we really going to allow the Republicans and Donald J. Trump to keep power and keep throwing us under the bus, or will we and Congress act and stop him?


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