The Fourth of JULY/ Say Thank you to Veterans!

The Fourth of July has arrived in America once more, marking the birth of our nation. Our Forefathers built America on the principle of religious freedom, freedom of speech,  and at the time the right to bear arms as part of a militia. I remind all Americans, we don’t use mIlitias anymore in America, they went out of date, back when we won our Independence. So, put your guns away, if you want to use a firearm, go to a range or go hunting, don’t bring guns to our streets and kill our children. MIlitary Weapon grade guns should be banned from the streets and from the gun sales and auctions too, too many innocent people and mostly children are being killed for no reason we should act to stop it!

As the Grills fire up and the pools get filled and the beaches stormed with happy americans celebrating, I want to remind all Americans to be careful and stay safe and to have fun!. Safety first folks, no drugs, don’t overdrink and drive and try to honor and support those who have and do defend our country in someway, say thank you, it’s the least you can do for the freedoms you have. As you roam the streets, parks, woods and hills of America, I am sure you will come by a Veteran of one sort or another whether healthy or Disabled, when you do, how about just saying Thank You for Serving!

I myself have been called a liberal, and much worse for wanting guns off our streets, for not liking the Trump Presidency, and for much more, but the truth is I am not a liberal or a crazy Democrat, I am an American, and I believe in Peace, I believe in Freedom and I believe in the American Way, it is why I gave up 16 years of my life to Uncle Sam and served in three branches, and gave up my back and walk around with six bulging discs in my spine. I just want to remind Americans everywhere, We Who Served and Protected Our COuntry did not do so for ourselves, We did so to protect the Loved Ones and Friends and Relatives back Home. I hope when you walk down a street today, or in a store, park, beach,mall, or any where you go, and see a DIsabled Veteran or a Veteran of any Kind, Male, or Female, no matter what branch of service, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard or Coast Guard, you will think of saying Thank You!



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