The Real Trump Problem ! Mentally Ill, Dangerous, and Stupid!

The Real Trump Problem is the following:

  1. No one who graduates from a Business College is qualified to be President!  Wharton College may prepare you for business operations, may I say, because Trump did go bankrupt 4 times.
  2. A man who had millions of rubles pay for his ads during his presidential run, should not be president, he is bought and paid for by Putin and Russia.
  3. He colluded with Russia, for no way would a meeting in Trump Tower happen below him, and he not know about it, he knew. The proof is in the untraced calls on his son’s cell phone number to the unlisted number.
  4. Obstructing Justice has no doubt ti it in my book, he tried to stop the Investigation into Flynn, then fired Sally Yates and James Comey to hide it and stop the Russian Investigation. He failed at it though because Mueller was assigned the Special Prosecutor job and is like a bulldog he won’t let go.
  5. Stormy Daniels and Karen McDOugal and sixteen other women and sex scandals and he brags about them, and more. No President has ever been so shameless and stupid in office.
  6. Stupidity runs deep in Trump, he isolates America withdrawing us from the Paris Accord, Alienating France, England and Canada and Mexico and other allies with Tariffs. ONly Russia and Putin want that for us, not Americans!
  7. He gave no help to Puerto Rico, for the disaster they still face. Hey Trump they are Americans stupid help them!
  8. He believes he is above the law and smarter than all of us and the world too. He is a egotistical, neurotic has no empathy, or feelings for anyone other than himself.  Want to know how dangerous Trump is read the following book; The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President. He is Paranoid folks and dangerous.
  9. He is about to meet with the Leader of Russia, Putin, who paid to get him elected, do we really trust a paranoid President who was bought and paid for by Putin and his people to be alone with Putin? You Tell Me?
  10. 13 Russians Indicted, Manafort, Papadoulis, Gates,Flynn, and more all indicted and some  being convicted, and now his own Lawyer Cohen about to turn and save his own ass, you tell me, are they all wrong about what he did, nope, they aren’t they know and will talk.
  11. If there was ever a President in American History who deserves to be Impeached, it if Number 45, Donald J. Trump!
  12. Congress must act soon, or this man will isolate us further from our allies and when we need them, they won’t be there to help us. Call your Senator, Call your Congressperson tell them to Impeach Donald J. Trump now!

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