Writing and Trying, a few stories and Thank You to those who did read them!

Recently, I am learning that many of my earlier stories I wrote, have many grammar and spelling errors in them, even after I thought I edited them. Sadly, they are long gone in my mind now and only exist on Amazon.com as e-books.  As I went along, I tried harder to make what I write easier to read and more grammar and spelling correct. I am not an English teacher folks but I am a man attempting, to write stories and experimenting with writing in many ways. I do need help in editing what I write and one day I shall write something I can send out to an editor. For now, my stories stay short, the longest is a bit over 23,000 words and my latest to date, I called it Running Bear’s Decision.

You can check out a Free preview through the above link.

A short Synopsis goes like this:

A Nez Perce Indian Chief brings his people back to the Valley taken from his people, in the 1880’s, starts a town and finds he has a mysterious power. The US Government confronts him and want the valley back and he must protect and defend his people and the land. In the end, he must make a decision to stay and fight or leave to save his people.

Now I do not promise perfection in grammar, but I am attempting to clean my work up some. I hope it is readable and the plot is interesting, it does have a sci-fi twist to it.

After I released it on Amazon as a Free Book, 32 people were kind enough to grab it and read it, I hope they enjoyed it. Over the holiday, 8 more people actually bought a story of mine out there, I thank all for trying them. I am not making money off of them, folks for I sell them at .99 cents or a little more a copy and some are made into hard books, but few is all.

Again, Thank you for trying them, and I hope Running Bear’s Decision is interesting and fun for all!

Here is a story also on Indians, I did, these are all fiction folks, but some liked this one:

Again Thank you for reading my blog!

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