It Begins! Stop the Trump Train now, Derail him! Vote Democratic!

Last night in Ohio, a race for a seat that was a die-hard republican red territory, fond itself up for grabs by a young democrat. Now, whats important here is not that the republican won in a very close race, but the fact a die-hard republican area, almost went democrat in a special election in August, and  November is right around the corner. Which means that 1) Some Republicans and Independents are getting tired of  President Trump’s show! 2) That the Democrats actually have a good chance of taking over either the House or Senate or both in November in the mid-term. As Americans across the country start to come to terms with all that Trump has done and is doing and start to reject him and all of it, a signal comes out of Ohio, saying, we are watching, and we don’t like what we are seeing!

The fact that ina 7 Republicans to one Democrat district and state, a Democrat got this close and almost won it, should tell you, The Democrats are coming. The odds against a Democrat winning or even coming close last night was so high against it happening it was crazy, yet here it was. Don’t you think it tells you something folks?

I believe Americans are tired of trump’s sexcapades, his affairs, his payments to women, and his tactics to try to get a wall funded we don’t really need. he actually tried to hold hostage immigrants, children and blackmail Congress into passing the funding. Sad!

The Russia Investigation is full blown folks still and yes collusion is on Mueller’s schedule and so is obstruction of justice. What I think Americans don’t realize because Mueller and the news is calling it collusion, is really a conspiracy against the American People and The Constitution of the United States, by a sitting President!  Accepting funds, or any other help of any kind from a foreign nation, is strictly prohibited under Federal Campaign Finance Laws and the Constitution. and is in black and white.

If for any reason the President of The United States accepted money or intelligence or help in any way from Russia or attempted to, to win the election, it is a felony under United States Laws.  You add the affairs, the money paid to the women, the Metting in Trump Tower with the Russians and you definitely have an effort by Trump and his Campaign Team to solicit Russian Help to win the American Presidency. There is no doubt now, Trump is beginning to feel it coming too.

He wrote the memo about the Meeting on Air Force One dictating it himself, then tried to push it off on his son Don JR., to protect himself. Sad. Recently he has stated for the whole world to hear, he fears for his son because he believes Don Jr. broke the law with the meeting in Trump Tower. Sad!

So let’s see now, he has thrown, Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, 13 Russians all under the bus to save his own ass. Now he has thrown his own son Don Jr. under the bus too, who’s next, let’s see, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, and Hope Hicks? I bet they all get wrapped up in this one, we will need a prison yard for all these flunkies soon enough, it will be like  Danbury Federal Prison in Connecticut all over again, like Watergate.

Trump has no pride or cares about anyone other than himself and if Americans can’t see that as of yet then they are blind loyalist with no brain of their own. Sadly, we have many of them out there that is for sure, they yell in people’s faces each day about how great Trump is, and never listen to the facts, they deflect them, avoid them, and deny them, and they come on television programs defending this president, it’s sad.

In the end, the election in Ohio last night and the closeness of the contest, even with Trump supporting the Republican, shows, that Americans are getting fed up with his antics, his one-man show and his abuse of power and of the American People.

Come November, We The People must stand up and speak once more, we must take back the House and The Senate and any seat possible to tie up and stop Trump from destroying America from within and on the national stage.  Vote Democratic come, November, make your voices heard, Stop the Trump Train now, Derail him!




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