It is Apparent! Donald J. Trump is Guilty!

It is now apparent, Donald J, Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians, who else would his son be calling on a secret blocked number before and after the meeting? He knew about it, how else does he know his son committed a crime doing it and why would DOn Jr. do it, unless he had dad’s permission?

Apparently, Donald J, Trump is capable of throwing everyone he can under the bus including his own children and wife and anyone else, to save his own ass and to stay in office. It is very apparent at this time he wrote the letter on Air Force One, he dictated the damn thing and finally admitted it.

Now he has outright admitted, that the Trump Tower meeting, was to collect dirt on his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton. Since his son Don Jr. told Congress his father knew nothing about it, he lied, since he told Congress, it was about Adoptions, we now know it is all bullshit!

Manafort is about to go down for many years in jail and not see daylight for the rest of his life for money laundering, and so much more. Gates is now a witness for the Prosecution and many others are talking of how Manafort avoided paying taxes and my bet is Manafort is holding out for a pardon from Trump. While the crimes are Federal and Trump can pardon him, it would definitely point to Trump knowing all that is going on. If Donald Trump Jr. is at risk for jail time and federal or felony indictment, I bet Donald Trump will think twice about staying in office to save his son.

Donald J. Trump wanted the Presidency, and he would do anything to get it and to beat Hillary Rodham Clinton. He hates Hillary and he hates Obama, both made him look like fools at different times. Sadly, it is apparent to me and should be to the American People, that Donald J. Trump broke Campaign laws and it is a felony to accept funds from a foreign country or entity for use in a campaign.  He did so and so did, his son Don Trump JR., and what about Jared Kushner in that Trump Tower Meeting? If Don Trump JR. goes down, Jared Kushner will too and that will effect Ivanka and their children too. Kind of tells you Donald J. Trump is all about one person and that’s all he cares about, himself.

In the end here is what I am telling Congress and the American people, Donald J. Trump sold out to Russia and Putin and got the rubles and the support and information they provided. That my fellow Americans is a conspiracy against the United States Government and the American People, plain and simple. So if he accepted the help of the Russians to win the Presidency then it is a conspiracy which is collusion.

Also, the Obstruction of Justice case starts before Donald Trump was elected it starts during the 2016 Campaign in 2015 really. He hid the fact he was using and reaching out to the Russians for help. Why is he in Office?

I said this before and I shall say it again here and now,  Andrew John was Impeached for less, Richard Nixon was IMpeached for less and so was William Jefferson Clinton. Affairs, money is not bad enough, but lying to the American People daily at about a dozen times,  covering up facts, avoiding answering questions about what you did is!

Collusion is really a conspiracy against the American People, many Americans do not realize it I think. Obstruction of Justice is real and has been going on from the day he raised his hand and took the oath of office. He even lied about the size of his Inauguration Crowd for his swearing-in and it’s been proven on public television so sad.

Donald John Trump is a sick man who has no conscious awareness of right and wrong anymore. He is unbalanced, dangerous and he has his finger on the button that controls America’s Nukes. He can’t force himself to admit Russia interfered in the election and is still doing it today, going into the 2018 elections. Why?

Putin has something on Trump and if you or no one else can’t see it because your a Trump Loyalist and backer, or supporter then you are blinding yourself to the facts.

Whats next folks, well gates if testifying against Manafort today, Roger Stone is under investigation, Donald Trump Jr. will be reinvestigated and made to return to Congress for lying I am sure. That means Jared Kushner will get called in again also. Before Mueller is done and the Investigation is done, Everyone close to Donald J. Trump will be under indictment or charged or in jail. Leaving Donald Trump bare and alone in the West Wing just like Nixon was. It coming!




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