You can move to Impeach and Remove.

I have a little to say regarding Trump’s so-called revoking of Security Clearances for Ex- CIA Director  John Brennan, in American History, never has such an act been taken, by an American President.

The act and the statement by The Press Secretary about certain people having their Security Clearances Revoked by President Donald J. Trump are childish. Children act like this in Elementary Schools across the country and world and are taught by parents daily, they are wrong for being so petty and stupid. This is a childish act by an unstable and mentally ill man.

Does he not understand, that these people have the experience he may need if America is attacked?  Did he never learn you do not burn bridges behind you, because if you do you have nowhere to turn to when you need help!

It’s an adolescent act, childish and stupid and if he thinks John Brennan and the others he is threatening to revoke security clearances are going to stop talking about him he is wrong. They have no more to answer for once you remove or revoke their clearances, so you are setting them free to say what they want regarding you as President.

Never in America’s History, has a President acted so stupidly, or so childlike either. We have now had Forty-Five Presidents of America and not one before Donald J. Trump has acted in this way. Unrealistic, childish, foolish and like a little baby boy. He is unfit to be President!

I was born under Dwight D. Eisenhower, I have lived through every President since and they include some great names and some who have done wrong, but none so bad, or idiotic, or foolish or childish as Donald J. Trump!

I pray Robert Mueller completes his Russia Investigation soon and sends all information to Congress to recommend Impeachment!  I pray the mid-term elections will hand Congress back to the Democrats, and that the American people understand how the system works and that Congress is indeed the Check and Balance System to keep the President in check.

Maybe Trump thinks he can scare people with Non-Disclosure Agreements in the White House and get away with it, but the law says otherwise and he will see. But these Intelligence Operatives and Directors know better and they are not afraid to speak out, and I am sure they will get louder and more outspoken as it goes on. With the clearances hanging over their heads they would be more reluctant to speak, but revoke them and you are turning them lose to write books, blogs, newspaper and magazine articles and speak all they want.

At last, though there is no sense talking to  Donald J. Trump about anything for he believes he is an island of his own and knows all and sees all and can do all.

It is time for Americans to wake up and realize, just because you made a mistake in voting a President so incompetent, so unstable and so unrealistic into Office, that you don’t have to keep him in office, you can move to Impeach and Remove.

The last President to be Impeached for anything was William Jefferson Clinton, go backward and you hit Richard Millhouse Nixon, and then you have to fly back in American history to Andrew Johnson. I mention these three Presidents here because even though all three were Impeached, none committed as many acts, as many crimes, as many Obstructions or worked with a foreign government to win the Presidency and steal it like this one has. Donald J. Trump is acting as an agent of Russia really and is a traitor to his own country. He is doing Putin’s bidding and killing America from within, he has to be stopped now!

Tell Congress, it is time, Vote out Trump’s supporters in Congress and let’s get him out of the Presidency!



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