Ok, Decision time is upon us all America!

After all the time, Donald J, Trump has been in office, it is time Americans to speak about his failures, his illegal actions, his Obstruction of Justice and most importantly his collusion with Russia to get the Presidency in the first place. I say, collusion, but under the constitution and laws of the United States is really Conspiracy against the United States, under our laws.

It is unbelievable, the American Public has not reacted yet to all that Trump has surrounding him. The time is coming fast folks, we are now on August 20th, 2018 the election for the mid-term is coming up. Vote Democratic in the House and Senate and stop Trump in his tracks now. The mid-term election is America’s chance to change the disaster it allowed in 2016 to happen. Let’s do this now!

It is now time to IMpeach Trump and remove him from office, you can’t blackmail the country using children to get a wall, nor can you blackmail the country with a close down to get it either. Sadly, this is all happening right now.

He failed in North Korea, He is a puppet of Putin’s and has been since the 1980s, it is time America wakes up.

America must know we can build an economy without Trump, and we will no matter what for we all know we can. He keeps talking trash and it is all he can do, to cover his tracks, he is guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors!

Let’s save the country from becoming a satellite of Russia and Putin! Remove his Puppet from office, Impeach Donald J. Trump Now!





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