An Ordinary Man, Who tries!


I am writing this now because I think many have misunderstood me in my life and many deserve to know the truth and all I am. I am far from perfect, but I have always tried to treat all I met and know as decent as I could with proper manners. I have a saying some will recognize when I say it for they know me well, at least those who do, WORK is a four-letter word worse than any vulgar word I have heard in my life and I always hated it but did it, because I had to. What did I love, the outdoors, fishing, hiking, reading, laughing, certain women and they know who they be. But most of all, when I got a chance to meet my grown children and my grandchildren I loved more than ever in my life.

This is written for my Daughters, Eileen Marie and Leslie Ann to read and for my grandchildren too, I just hope when they finish it, they will understand that this old man, loved them and always will. Enjoy folks, and Please when done, try to remember, I was an ordinary man who tried the best he could at all times to be good to all!

Above is the forward to my book, An Ordinary Man Who Tries!

here is the Link for it:

An Ordinary Man: Who Tries! by [McCurrach, William]

at 23,869 words plus a Forward and Epilogue for 3.99 as an E-Book, I hope it sells some and people will give some reviews or thoughts!

For those who know me, I hope it explains what I have tried to live!


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