Help America come November 6th, 2018

The current political mess that is happening in the USA is disgusting, distracting and horrible. It is now looking like a farce and a show no one wishes to watch anymore!

American History has never had such an incompetent, rude, morally and ethically weak President in all the time of its existence. Why American’s elected Trump is beyond my ability to fathom honestly, I voted for the other side of course. Even if you hated Hillary Clinton so much, you should have never voted period.  The sad part is  Trump lost the popular vote by millions upon millions of votes, to a woman running for President, lol!

He had to reach out to Russia and ask them for help and the rubles came flying into his campaign. Putin assisted and as Russians who had a meeting I saw on television not too long ago said, “If Trump wants to win again, he will have to do what we want to remain in power, or we won’t help him.” That ladies and gentlemen is a quote right off a program broadcast by Russian tv, that showed up on the American airwaves a while back. No lies, look it up!

Look, Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia and all know it, but since the Mueller investigation is calling it collusion, Trump yell no collusion! In fact what it really is a conspiracy against the American People, the Constitution and our country with a  foreign enemy of the United States. If Congress is dumb enough not to react to it well, it’s just sad.

Obstruction of Justice is everywhere when you look at Trump’s actions before and since he took office and there is no doubt in my mind he is pure guilty of it in many ways. How many more people must get convicted, indicted and put in prison before, people realize only one man was running the Trump Campaign, Trump! He knew everything his people did no doubt about it!.

As this investigation keeps rolling along led by Robert Mueller it is now only a matter of time until a report is given to Congress from Robert Mueller recommending, either full censure of President Trump or Impeachment, even Trump knows it is coming, he is just wondering how far Mueller will dig into his personal financial matters before he exposes it all.

I want to say this so all can understand it in plain English, Donald John Trump is a Traitor to the American People!. If Congress fails to act and does nothing many Republicans are going down on November 6th, 2018 and there is no doubt, I think it is amazing that Paul Ryan is leaving also. The Democrats will have the numbers on November 7th, 2018 to rule again.

Whether the Pee Tapes rumored to be existent in Russia on Trump are real or not, or whatever the Russians and Putin have on Trump is there, one thing is for certain Donald J. Trump is working for Putin and Russia. he is tearing down the moral and ethical values of America from the inside out, he is corrupting out Government, withdrawing us from the world stage and now causing economic madness across the world by tariff wars!. Canada is mad at us, Mexico is mad at us, Europe is mad at us, who do you think that benefits folks, Russia!

Come November 6th, 2018, all American must vote Democratic and remove the Republicans from the control of the House and Senate. we need to stop Trump in his tracks and turn back the bullshit Trump started. Help America come November 6th, 2018 folks, Vote out all Republicans, Vote in Democrats and let’s return America to the World Stage once more as a Leader!.



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