Remove the Virus that is Trump Now!

On Twitter this am I saw a tweet about Trump not answering questions about Obstruction of Justice, made by Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City. Mr. Giuliani is not really acting as an Attorney it seems to me, but more like a Public relations front man for Trump. he makes statements on items we already know, such as this one, he knows as most people with any education know, Trump is guilty as hell of OBstruction of Justice, secondly he also knows that Trump did in fact collude with the Russians to win the White House.

Look, any American with a brain, who is not a blind loyal Trump Supporter, must realize, Trump is a criminal element that made it to the White House, by using RUssian Ads and Rubles to win the Electoral  College Vote! The money trail is taking Special Prosecutor right back to the Russians. Russians contacted Trump’s campaign  through Papadoulis , and slowly worked their way right to Trump Tower to a meeting with Donald Trump JR. Jared Kushner and more. Russian spies and operatives were all around the Trump Campaign during June and jUly and onward to the election in November of 2016.

Yet Trump Supporters, deny and distract and try to deflect from the truth. I have one thing for all who do this:  here is the Definition of Stupid 

Knowing The Truth, Seeing The Truth, Seeing Evidence of the Truth

                                                         But Still believing the Lies!

Sadly, that is where we stand right now, concerning Trump!

The New York Times OPt-Ed Article proves to me that some if not many in the White House and The Trump Administration, believe honestly that Trump is unfit and dangerous as President of The United States. They are obviously not alone either for being released in the coming week is Fear- Bob Woodward’s book on the Trump White House. It will detail statements made by Trump Administration Officials on Trump’s behavior and lack of knowledge of what is happening in the world.  I really don’t care who wrote the New York Times OPT-Ed Article, because in the end they are working with others to control a mindless President who has his finger on the nuke button that can destroy the world. This is an extremely dangerous situation for the world and the United States period, this man who is narcissistic, unstable emotionally, mentally incompetent, is within reach of the button that can start the nuclear demolition of the world. That folks is something all should be concerned about, including the Russians who put him in the Oval Office.

Look, even the Trump die-hard supporters must be seeing how unstable this President really is by now, what President would start a witch hunt in the White House looking for the writer of this Opt-ED in The New York Times? None! What President would come on Television for the world to see, condemning and attacking those who attack him in the papers or on television and embarrass himself and the country in the way?

For the Trump Supporters who are loyal, I will give you a comparison you can use to understand here. Do you see Putin, Kim Jung Un, or any other leader on the planet doing such things publically? No you don’t, you know why, they understand that doing so, makes them look like idiots on the world stage and platform, yet the American President is doing this? Wake Up Folks, Wake Up Senate, Wake Up Representatives, and Wake Up American People! It’s sad, it’s humiliating, it’s embarrassing, and no one is stopping him, why? The further and longer Trump stays in the Oval Office and White House the worse thing get for our country!

Lindsay Graham, the Senator who was John McCain’s greatest friend in the Senate should wake up now too. Senator Graham should see what is happening and take his blind loyalty glasses off, Trump is not Mr. Rosey here Sir, Trump is a Disgrace to America and the Laughing Stock of the World.

As, we move closer to the Mid_term Elections in November of 2018, we must as Americans, stop and think before we vote on November 6th, Stop and think, is it worth keeping a criminal, who has tried to hide his crimes in office? Is it worth it, just because he thinks the economy is something he fixed when in fact he didn’t his predecessor did! He is just living high on an economy Obama created.

There will be no Wall at the Mexican Border, there will be no De-nuking of North Korea either!. We have been pulled off the world stage as a leader by Trump in all ways, Economically, Politically, and more, yet the Blind loyalists keep backing him. Why?

He costs American Taxpayers more money with his golfing trips and cart rentals then any American before him. Shouldn’t he stay in the White House on Weekends and try to solve the Health Crisis and get Insurance for all Americans passed?  He Killed Obama care, why because it said the name Obama on it is all and he was pissed at Obama for teasing him before the election run he made and embarrassing him. This President is like having a vindictive little bitch, in the White House one that never grew up and never will.

Come November 6th, 2018, Vote all Supporters of Trump out of Office in The senate and House of Representatives, made it a Blue Wave that will wash away the stains of Trump!

Republicans need a New Leader, They Need a Stable Party if they want to be competitive, and Trump is not the way to go for them and they know it too! The sad part is, they fear if they tell the truth and turn on Trump they will lose their jobs, they truth is if they don’t they will for sure!

Make the BLue Wave of November 6th a reality and force folks, make America safe once more, remove the virus that is Trump Now!





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