Remember September 11th, Never Forget!

September 11th, is upon us again, America, we can not forget the attack on the Towers on NYC,  nor can we forget the innocents who lost their lives to the terror that ensued. We were attacked out of the blue without warning and no one knew how they would do it, but do it, they did.

The hunt for Bin Laden that took place after this attack, finally got him and we did indeed put a hurting on the enemy, yet we did not eliminate them from the world stage.

As we pray and remember our lost fellow Americans and lOved Ones for many families, we must stay alert for more possible attacks by Al Qaeda and others. America is in a worse position now then it was on September 11th, 2001, we are more vulnerable and will probably get attacked again, I am sure.

America has always been a shinning beacon of might, strength and help for all in the world, yet today we face problems that are beyond the help of our great military forces. We may be the mightiest Armed Nation in the world, but, we have internal problems in the White House and oval Office.

Our Military will never falter, nor will our defenses again, is what we all hope and pray for, yet the President of The United States is a story the whole world is watching and basically going what the hell did America do, electing who they did?

Is the danger in the White House and Oval Office of an incompetent and idiotic and narcissistic President, more dangerous than the world stage and our enemies?  It is a question the American people will have to face soon in the Mid_term Elections on November 6th, 2018?

I think Americans must face the fact we have a danger in the White House not only to America but to the World too. Sadly, we have Administration Officials and Members who must remain in position to control and stop our President from doing things that can hurt our own nation. The Opt-Ed of the New York Times and Anonymous, showed us the danger of what Trump is capable of.

Next come Bob WoodWard’s Book Fire, on the Trump White House and Donald Trump’s incompetence in the job he holds. We shall now get a clearer picture of the inner workings of the trump White House and Donald trump and his supporters can scream, shout, yell and knock themselves out trying to deny it all, but my money is on Bob Woodward. Mr. Woodward did the right thing during the Nixon Years and Presidency and he worked in tandem back then, with Carl Bernstein who in my opinion both deserve a Pulitzer Prize each, their work for the Post back then was great and so is it today. I believe Mr. Woodward and know he would source each statement and word of his book and back it up with interview tapes to prove it too.

We hope never to face another September 11th, attack again. We fought the enemy back then, and we shall fight forever to protect our land, our people and our form of Government and freedoms. The Biggest battle now may happen come on November 6th, 2018 folks, if we allow Trump and the Republicans to stay in full power we will be badly damaged on the world stage and here at home. We must make the democrats take back the House and Senate, not only as a safety check against Trump’s administration and Donald Trump’s instability issues.

I remind all who read this of a phrase used in the American Constitution and stated again and again throughout America’s History, We have three separate branches of Government, The Executive, The Legislative and the Judicial. The Justice Department does not work for the President or his Office, it works for the nation and the people. Trump can’t be asking the Justice department, the FBI, The CIA to investigate the writer of the New York Times Opt-Ed piece, it is illegal and there is no legal grounds for such an investigation.

Now Trump and Cohen have both dropped their  opposition to Stormy Daniels talking and the case will move forward, Trump now is going to answer question in the Summer case too, but in writing. I remind Donald trump, it doesn’t matter which way you lie, in writing or verbally the charges and results can be the same if you lie.

In the end as we observe the Remembrance of The September 11th, 2001 attack and go forward, remembering those who died, we must also, remember all that happens around us. The danger of what is happening in The White House Oval Office may be bigger.

God Bless, the Americans who died and those who defended and got Bin Laden! We are America, we will remain strong, we will fight on and no matter our differences here at home, we shall stand united, strong and against all terrorist organizations.

Please take the time for a moment of silence and Remembrance for all who died!


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