Vote Democrat on November 6th, 2018 and lets stop the madness now!

I received a comment on my blog,” Are You Fed Up Like Me!. calling me mentally ill, stupid and an idiot, it seems Trump supporters can’t fight the facts and truth, with intelligent words, they rather go vulgar and call names and not really respond. Sad really!

I said it then and I will say it again here and now, Trump is not capable, intelligent enough, to be a real President. He has narcissistic personality disorder and I even think he may be bipolar too.  He is up and down and all over the place on things he says, and he is dangerous to the world and America in general.

America has had 45 Presidents now, if you include Trump, and of the 45 this is the most destructive of all of them. When the word Impeachment is mentioned about a President, I remind all Trump supporters, there have been a total of three before Trump who were put through the Impeachment Process.

Andrew Johnson, was impeached, after he took over for a dead Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon was Impeached due to Watergate, and more, and then William J. Clinton for the fiascos with women in the White House Oval Office. Of the three, Clinton was exonerated, Johnson was Impeached, and Richard Nixon was Impeached and forced to resign. Nixon had Watergate, Break-Ins, Lying to the American People and Abuse of Power against him  and was the worse of the three so far, he ended up resigning the Presidency, going home to California and disappearing from sight for years, and basically died a lonely, isolated man.

I submit for all, that Donald John Trump the 45th President of the United States has commited greater crimes then Richard Nixon, William J. Clinton and Andrew Johnson combined. For none of the three above dared to have Russian help to get the Presidency, Trump has. He has used Russian help to get the Oval Office and Presidency, by collusion, and the Russians contributing to his campaign. Russian Rubles were used in the millions to pay for ads during the 2016 election and to get elected he had to direct where those ads went, to win.  I know I will hear from Trump supporters I am crazy and delusional and more, I already have and I laugh at it.  For they have to be delusional themselves to blindly follow and support a criminal in the White House. He is narcissistic, dangerous and sitting within a hands reach of the nuke button that can destroy the world!

He throws fits when people say things about him he doesn’t like, starts witch hunts looking for the OP-Ed writer who submitted it to the New York Times, calls Bob WoodWard a famed Author and Reporter well known for facts, a phoney and his book Fire ,Fiction, lol! Here is something to consider folks when dealing with Bob WoodWard’s  book, he has it all backed up by interviews that are recorded with individuals he interviewed for the book. One more thing folks, facts don’t lie, but Trump does lie to hide facts and make himself look better. remember Donald J. Trump paid out 280 thousand dollars between two women to keep them quiet during and after the election, bought and paid them. Yes it is sad to see a President who then, denies he paid them, then when the facts catch up to him he has no choice but to say yes I paid them, I knew it, because his own personal lawyer turned on him.

Collusion is really in fact conspiring against the American Government with a foreign power and enemy. I say that just to clarify, it can be deemed a traitorous act!. I said, can be deemed, which means in my mind, it is not up to me to determine if it is or not, that would be Congress’s job to do, or the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s.

There is no doubt at this time that Trump has indeed Obstructed Justice many times in his just under two years in office already. Others are paying the price right now for Trump being President, the way he got there, Flynn, Papadoulis. Comey, Yates, Manafort and more coming, Mueller and his team will get Roger Stone, and  I am sure it is a matter of time, then Congress will get Donald Trump Jr. too, for lying to them, and if they don’t, Mueller will. Sadly, Trump’s own family will suffer with him, in the end and he is too blind and selfish to see it coming. he is a selfish, none caring individual, who is fueled by greed and self only!. He got the Presidency, but at what cost to so many others, including the American People and his own family and so called friends.

He has failed in North Korea, they laugh at him now, he fails in everything he touches. He wants a wall on The Mexican Border, no one will pay for it and he knows it, Mexico told him no way. So he is trying to devise a way to pay for the wall, out of American tax money! Sad! We don’t need a wall, we need law enforcement to be paid enough and hire enough people is all, the problem has been there now for hundreds of years.

Why hasn’t Congress acted to Remove or Impeach Trump yet? Simple, they have a fear of Mike Pence, that is crazy. Pence is a religious bigot, one who believes everything the church he belongs to tells him. Now I am all in for religious freedom and rights, but Pence wants to kill abortion, tell women what to do with their bodies and so much more. Sadly, Republicans fear him more than Trump! But, it will more than likely come to pass, after the November 6th, 2018 elections. Then a Democratic Congress will hold Pence in check until the 2020 elections, by blocking any stupid or outrageous thing he puts forth.

In the end, much like Trump, his supporters who now number around 32 percent of the country, refuse to accept the truth and want to blindly, and loyally follow Trump anywhere, and believe in him. They are just like Trump, even when hit in the face with facts, such as the death Toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria, they deny it all. facts can’t be denied for too much longer! Americans are getting Fed-Up, with being isolated from the world, from being laughed at by the world, by tariffs that have no business being there and so much more. This President is dumb enough to tariff american businesses and car company here at home out of business. Dumb, uncaring, and not intelligent enough to understand that one good tariff, brings many more back against us.

Trump is not responsible for the Economy America has today, that came from 8 hard years of work by the Obama administration. he takes credit for it and lies to Americans everywhere, what he forgets to tell his supporters is, you don’t turn the economy around in under two years, it takes time and the effects of what he is doing will not show up till after 2020. No economy on the planet, by any country changes in under two years that fast! It’s sad, he is telling his supporters these lies.

In the end let me say this to the Trump Supporters out there, you made the mistake of voting him in to office, you bear the weight and responsibility now, for all the damages he is doing to the country. I know you don’t like to admit it, but it’s true, you won’t be able to hide from it soon enough, when he attacks Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security and takes money out of your parents and the elderly’s  pockets and food from their mouths and they start dying from a lack of medical coverage and insurance. It’s coming if he stays in office, he will take anything he can from the elderly, the uninsured, the dying, and the needy to fill his rich buddies and cronies needs. Sad, isn’t it!

American’s you want to do something to save America on the World Stage, economically at home, to help the elderly and the retired and those needing medical insurance, Vote Democrat on November 6th, 2018 and lets stop the madness now!






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