Are you as Fed-Up as I am?

Each day I awaken to a new Trump controversy, how he stole the election, how he colluded with Russia, how he used russian rubles to win the election, how this member of his so called campaign went down in court and is headed to prison for so long. How his son Don Jr. lied to Congress and got away with it all crazy stuff, now I ask one damn question, aren’t you fed-up hearing it all too?

We have seen all the proof we need to know Trump is a corrupt, incapable, incompetent President! We have all the examples we need in his Obstructing Justice left and right, his accepting Russian Rubles into his campaign, the Trump Tower meeting, the writing of the letter on Air Force One, his denying he knew where the money came from to pay off Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, all lies he has told and admitted to. How many more members of his campaign staff, will have to go to jail for people to understand he stole the election, he had to, he couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton in a straight, honest race!

But, my guess is, the Republican led Senate and House is stupid enough to wait until after the Midterm Elections before they act on all of it, why, because they have hitched themselves to Trump!.   Yet November  6th, 2018 is coming fast as Trump’s approval poll numbers dip into the thirties and Mueller’s numbers for his investigation climb over  fifty percent.  The die-hard Trump supporters yell and scream obscenities and vulgar language and walk out when they can’t defend him anymore. Next up for the Mueller Team will be to get Roger Stone indicted and then get DOn Jr. for lying to congress. When it finally hits his family, Trump will then react and panic and end up resigning to save his son’s ass! Until then he is going to sit in the White House and be reduced to nothing but a talking head, who no one is paying attention to.

Americans now have a choice folks and here is what you can do come November 6th, 2018 by voting out Republicans. First step, take back the House and Senate vote Democratic. Second once the Democrats have control of the House or Senate or both, start Impeachment Proceedings against Donald J, Trump. Third, if Trump Resigns, the best thing is to have control of both Houses in Democratic hands to stop Pence from going crazy and control what he can do as a President. We are not stupid enough to not realize Trump will be pardoned by Pence, we know it will come. Once trump is removed, Pence will become President only in name then, unless it matters for security purposes.

Americans fear Pence because of his religious leanings and thoughts, and it is good we do, but if he becomes President it will only be for the remaining of Trump’s Term. He would never win re-election.

The facts are coming out faster now about Trump and his campaign, and the people he used to get elected. His actions in office are now becoming open to the American public by way of the Opt-Ed piece in the New York Times and Bob Woodward’s book released yesterday, Fire!

In the end it is just a matter of time now till Trump will either resign on his own or get impeached! We need him gone, we need Pence crippled and controlled until 2020 and we needa new Democrat in the Office who will be transparent, open and competent in the Office. Vote Democratic  November 6th, 2018!



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