Questions on the Kavanaugh Hearings, and Allegation

Some Questions come to mind for me regarding the Kavanaugh Nomination and the Accusation currently being publicly debated in the news, on Television and in the papers and Senate. Now I am not a lawyer, or Senator or Representative or in Government in any way, but what the hell is the rush to get this  one Judge appointed to the Supreme Court? And Why the rush?

Is there an unbiased way to investigate the allegations without hurting the accuser and protecting her rights? Is there a way to protect Kavanaugh also?

The Senate knows from the experience and records of the Anita Hill Testimony how embarrassing, how humiliating and hurtful it is to call a woman to testify before a wide open public hearing in from of a Senate Panel and on television. This woman, Doctor Davis, doesn’t need the harassment, the humiliation in her life or the threats she is getting, why should she have to run and hide from her home, due to this and who is threatening her? Please explain why she had to leave her home and take her family into hiding, if she is lying? If it were lies no one would threaten her or bother her, they would ignore her!

Does Congress, The Senate or House of Representatives have a way to get to the bottom of these allegations, that is unbiased and as painless as possible to the woman involved? I disagree with the Senate pushing the Nomination of Kavanaugh to a vote, just because they don’t want to ask the FBI to Investigate it all, they can ask them to and ask the President to order it too. Why aren’t they?

Whether Doctor Davis comes forth or not for a public or private hearing, it should not be in public, and she should be heard out and we can not settle for a he said, she said here. We are dealing with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, which means the fate of Roe vs. Wade is on the line here, the right of women to choose how to handle pregnancies and their own bodies. On top of that issue the issue that comes to mind for me is Kavanaugh’s opinions on whether a sitting President should be prosecuted or if he can pardon himself. Kavanaugh has stated himself he believes the President can not be tried for a crime while in office, and he the President could possibly pardon himself, wrong on both points, in my opinion.

Does the Senate have any unbiased Senators in it anymore with any guts and balls to stand up and say,  we must hear the woman’s allegation, and then hear the Judge’s defense and then make a decision? is not it fair that Doctor davis gets heard and I remind you for what purpose would she bring such an allegation unless it were true, what would motivate a woman to expose herself to such speculation, and scruinity, this is a college education woman with degrees folks! I remind you she has a teaching job and degrees of her own and a family too, so why would she suddenly jump up and put and yell an allegation, unless it were true?

I can see why she wants an FBI investigation, mainly because it will be unbiased and they won’t be afraid of the truth coming out. She wants it to backup her claim and to prove she is telling the truth, is that wrong, no it isn’t! She really has nothing to fear in testifying, except for the fact she wants a solid base to stand on to get an even verdict and a fair one.

Now I am going to say this regarding Judge Kavanaugh, if he comes to the Senate and denies knowing Doctor Davis, or denies the accusation she is stating, he has to prove he wasn’t there, didn’t do it, and that she is lying. The burden is on the Judge here folks not on the accuser. He wants to be on the Supreme Court, not her, he wants the Lifetime Appointment not her, so the burden of proving he did not do what she says, is indeed his.

If the Senate pushing his Nomination to a Vote without taking it’s time to solve the allegation, then, they are forcing through a Supreme Court Justice and forcing him on the American People, and for what purpose other than to have conservative control of the Supreme Court of The United States.  Make the Senate get the FBI to Investigate, make the truth come out, and remember if Doctor Davis is lying she can be prosecuted for libel and for false accusations too. If you were a woman, a Doctor, a Teacher and mother and wife, would you lay your life on the line, in such a manner!. I think not!





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