What IF?

Maybe at times we all wonder, what if?

What if is basically a question so many ask themselves at different times in their lives, like What if I had been born in a different era, time, place to different parents, or a different race, or color?

What if I wasn’t born to the parents I had? What if my parents treated me better, what if my father had stayed, what if my mother wasn’t damaged before she had me? So many what ifs can be brought into play in the life span of a person, whether they are male or female. But, here is the best what if question of all, for all to consider!

What if I had just accepted all I could not control in my life and went with it? What if I determined, I couldn’t stop the bad things brought to me by circumstances I can not control, and just barreled on through it on with a determination to be who I wanted to me and never looked back? Can you honestly, stop for a minute and think on that one? Imagine how your life would be, if you worked with what fate and god and family had really given you and set your sights on something you wanted no matter what and did it?

I like many in the world, did not have a perfect childhood, I had things dealt to me I wish to God I never had, but I also learned as I went along, a person can’t slap a smile from your face forever. a person can’t make you do what you don’t really want to do, a person can’t make you love or hurt someone either. That part is called choice!

So let me ask all, what if, we all just made a choice to forgive and forget and move on without holding pain, grief, despair or anger? What if we all, could dispose of emotions and regrets, and move forward as human beings, just surviving, and growing and learning as we go and accepting the facts, and then, choosing to change them as we go forward in life? What would happen then to all of us?

Lets take me for example, what if I just ignore the first slap I got a cross the face from mom? What if I just ignored the fact she tried to give me away three times and failed? What if I ignored Dad telling me he could shoot me and bury me in the backyard and never think twice about it? What if I could imagine never being thrown from my home in the winter snow with a box of clothes alone, by my dad? What Ifs are so many aren’t they?

What if, I didn’t find surrogate families to help me survive over the years? What if I didn’t drop out of High School and end up in the service? What ifs are so many like my Military days, what if I never joined the Army and failed, what if I gave up and never joined the National Guard and grew up and joined the Navy? The point being here that all the what ifs, can get you depressed, and change you as a person.

What ifs’ are choices we make in life each and everyday we live. We make the choices we do based on what we believe is right for us, that’s number one, number two what we believe is right for the people involved at the time, and three, the circumstances handed to us, because it is taken out of our control so we have to accept and deal with it all. In these cases I did, what a man would do, I choose to protect and do the right thing for the innocents involved not for me. My choices almost killed me emotionally as a man and i am sure there are many more out there who did the same in the same situations too.

No matter what we do in life, the decision we make is not always 100 percent right. We make decisions on what we have already experienced and lived through, based on emotions we feel at the time, and sometimes we make them, and have no choice because it is forced upon us. No two people, no matter what sex, color, religion, race or anything else react in the same way, why because we all live through different life experiences at different time periods and eras. So, when I ask, What if, I don’t ask it to be crazy, illogical, or silly, nor do I ask it for fun, I ask it because, it is the tiny little what ifs, that count in life! And sometimes, we forget before we act, to ask ourselves, What IF. We end up later then regretting what we decided because we didn’t ask what if, when we were supposed to slow down and do that, and the decision we made comes back to destroy, affect or give us despair and we lose hope. When these things happen to us, some of us make the ultimate decision and take our own lives because we can’t overcome or change what happened or occurred. That my friends is called depression, despair and surrendering, don’t go there, get help, ask for love, find friends, find families and find hope. For Hope Outshines all there is in life and as long as you have it, you will survive. Never surrender! For What if you did, would happen to all who know you, love you, worry about you, interact with you? What effect would you departing have on them? What if it changes their life when they are ready, and makes them go the wrong way with decisions and choices?

What Ifs, are the major turning points of life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, not only for you personally, but for all around you, who interact with you too!.

So What IF, we all forgave, forgot, overcame and carried on? What IF?





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