Yesterday’s Hearing was a Sham and Farce, By the Republicans!

Yesterday’s Hearing was a sham and farce I agree with Senator Graham, but the farce and sham was pulled by the Republicans. They are ramrodding Kavanaugh through to a vote today and tomorrow, yet you have two more women named accusing the same as Blasey Ford?
Investigate those allegations before you vote on Kavanaugh, let’s hear from these women too, and how about, the anonymous ones too? And why are you pushing Kavanaugh through whats the rush?
I saw two people yesterday testify and one a female who made the claims in question here, and i believe Blasey Ford. She was scared, terrified, and stated facts that add up. I believe she was abused and i believe her identification of Kavanaugh and his friend Judge.
Senator Graham’s display of losing self-control and getting angry and going off like a child in a tantrum, did what he wanted it to, which was change the air if the hearing to protect Kavanaugh. He had it a sham, a circus and a show, no one else.
What I saw of Kavanaugh was a man coached by the President and his Republican cohorts to come to the hearing and get angry and scream and raise his voice and accuse everyone else of something. The Democrats or Clintons did not set up Kavanaugh and if i were the Clintons I would sue his ass for defamation of character and false accusations.
I saw a man, who is angry, who acted like an alcoholic, who is denying he drinks, in anger. He showed he drinks, he abuses it and acts it out in anger when he can’t have it to the whole world.
The Senate Committee today is voting to see if they forward his Nomination to the Senate House Floor and then they will try to confirm hiom on a Saturday, why?
What’s the rush here to get this man on the Supreme Court by the Republicans? What’s wrong with a few weeks or days for the FBI to Investigate? Why must he be pushed through now, what is being proven here?
The American Bar Association now says, delay the vote do the Investigations. I believe they are right, the performance yesterday by Kavanaugh showed me an angry, emotionally unstable individual who does not belong on the Supreme Court. Call your Senators, and stop the vote, stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh now before he lands in a Supreme Court Seat for life and changes the laws of America in the wrong ways.

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