Why would anyone make such statements if they were not real?

As The Circus in Washington gets underway this am, I wonder are any of these Senators in this hearing, going into it with an open mind?
Too, many Republican Senators, don’t have the gall or balls to buck Trump! So as I see it this woman Christine Blasey Ford is taking a large chance testifying and talking publically. I am sure she has been told by her Lawyers that is she is lying she can be charged with crimes.So, she is taking a large chance doing this and she knows and is aware of it.
I can’t for the life of me, see any reason why a woman with children and a husband and a decent job that makes good money and who is well educated would make such statements. Stop and think about it, why would anyone make such statements if they were not real? I believe Christine blasey Ford, and now, there are 4 more women who came forward, same story, no way it can be lies, did they all get together and plan it, to take Kavanaugh down, I highly doubt it.
In the end what happens today will make the biggest difference in the Judicial System and Supreme Court of this country and the laws they set and decide on.
The Me Too Movement is vital for women in America and if this woman and the others who have come forward and signed affidavits, are all lying, why would so many being saying the same thing?
Women in America and on this Senate Panel, and across the world need to step up and support these women. These can’t all be lies, or stories made up, impossible.
Trump, coming on Television and defending Kavanaugh all the time is sad, why is this one man so important to Trump. Why not, pull his nomination, pick a new Judge and try again? It’s all in the timing folks, they want this nomination to go through, before the November 6th, elections. If it does go ahead and this man, Kavanaugh gets on the Supreme Court, they have pushed through a criminal to make laws in the land! Sad!
I remind America and women, the damage a rape, sexual harassment or abuse does to a woman’s mind and emotional make up lasts for a lifetime. This is a horrible experience for anyone and it changes lives and destroys a woman’s self confidence. Is it right for a man who did such crimes and things to women, belong on the Supreme Court making laws about women and changing their rights?

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