Stop The Farce, PULL Kavanaugh Now, and End the Disaster!

America has come to a critical stage in its growth and development. We are facing many major issues,1) Racial Divides across the country, 2) Political conflicts, between the major parties,3) A Government being lead by a President who is incapable of handling the job he got elected to, 4) Political Interference from Foreign Powers such as Russia and China.
Domestically our law or legal organizations meant to set laws and protect the American People is failing and flaying in the wind being destroyed by a President who attacks them when they try to do their jobs. So many issues are at stake in the November Election on November 6th, 2018 and Americans need to vote in big numbers to change things and fix America.
The current fight between Republicans and Democrats over the Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to The Supreme Court of The United States is one such Issue dividing the nation and its people along strong lines. yet, the Republican Party is going to sit there and try to plow this man through to a seat on the Supreme Court with all of his issues he has. Listen, Americans now to Common Sense please, any person who has sexual allegations against them, whether male or female has issues with their reputation and will negatively affect the decisions of the Supreme Court, add his partisan approach and words of blaming the Democrats and the Clintons to it and you have an issue period, but the you add lying about his drinking, and his obnoxious and arrogant behavior on public television to Senators at the Judiciary Hearings, well you can get my drift, he is not Supreme Court Material.
The stupidity of this all is simple here, Kavanaugh refuses to step aside n matter how many allegations come against him, because he wants the Robes of a Supreme Court Justice and a seat. He knows he is flawed he admitted it himself, the allegations grow daily as old classmates of his at two colleges and some at his high school he attended come forward and talk about his drinking till drunk and the fact they know there were times he can’t even remember what was happening.
Knowing Kavanuagh will not step aside on his own, it then comes down to President Trump pulling the Nomination to stop this fiasco if he will. The problem is trump is enjoying this too much, he like sthe show Kavanaugh is putting on. If President Trump was a real President and had the ability to make a real decision that means something to America and the People he was elected to protect, he would pull the Kavanaugh’s Nomination and stop the embarrassing show that is happening and he would stop Kavanaugh’s humiliation and embarrassment too.
President Trump has a list of Judges hec an Nominate asa replacement for Kavanaugh, and he should pull Kananaugh’s Nomination and put up someone better.President Trump, np President is perfect and God Knows your not in many ways, but common sense and a stable mind would go a long way in doing this. Stop and think not of whether you win or lose in this nomination, or candidate you put up, but what you are doing to America by pushing him more into the public light, and what the world thinks now. Use you mind and common sense PULL KAVANAUGH’s Nomination, let him disappear into the shadows of America, enough damage is done now to him, his wife and children, and to the American People and Nation. Stop The Farce, PULL Kavanaugh Now, and end the disaster!

One thought on “Stop The Farce, PULL Kavanaugh Now, and End the Disaster!

  1. You are absolutely correct. Trump should have and should now cut his loses, pull the nomination and put up some one else.


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