To The Senators Who Care! Say No on Kavanaugh!

If you allow Brett M. Kavanaugh to sit on the Supreme Court with allegations of Sexual Abuse and mistreatment of women against him and his lying before the Senate Judiciary Committee it’s just plain wrong! Add the fact now, of him owing it all to President Trump and the Republican party and you have a biased
Justice on the Supreme Court that will vote the way Trump wants all the time. He denied drinking to the point of blacking out, or forgetting things, yet friends from his school days have come forth talking about his passing out, stumbling around drunk and in a stupor. I didn’t make it up, his classmates state it for all to see on Television. Over 600 legal minds, Lawyers and Judges came together to write you letters recommending you not vote him to the Supreme Court.
I remind all of you Senator’s, you are the only wall we have against such a man being on the Supreme Court, one who drinks, protects the President at every turn and lies. Just so you remember there are other Judges on a list the president has, that can be nominated if need be. No Supreme Court Judge should have such partisan views like Kavanaugh has, he outright said the Clintons and the Democrats are responsible for the attacks on his nomination and that all the democrats are mad about Trump getting the Presidency. That’s all sad as hell!
I will say this, either way this goes, whether he gets on the Supreme Court or not, the blue wave is coming like a wall of water no one has seen before.It will sweep away many Republicans in both the House and Senate on November 6th, 2018. When it happens, The House and possibly the Senate will turn Blue and Democratic, when it does they will reopen the FBI Investigation on Kavanaugh and then use it to Impeach him and remove him anyway. His reputation is too damaged and tarnished and he is far too partisan to be on the Supreme Court and he showed it during the Hearing. Just in case Lindsey Graham, or any other Republican Senator is not listening, I am flat out telling you, you will lose in November of 2018, in the Midterm Elections and in the end Trump will not get reelected in 2020, don’t you even try to think otherwise.
Trump lies to the American People on a daily basis as it is, he lies about how he got his fortune, He lied about Taxes and evading them, he lied about dodging the draft also. He has no bone spurs in his feet, he only has a jelly soul and weak ass excuses not to serve his country when he should have, He evaded the draft five times with the same excuse, Daddy Trump paid millions, I am sure to keep his little boy safe.
I tire of seeing Republican Senators like Lindsey Graham throwing temper tantrums on television to support and defend a man like Brett M. Kavanaugh. Screaming and yelling at the Democrats how they want to tear down Kavanaugh, when he knows damn well that is not what they were doing, they were interviewing him and looking for weaknesses in the applicant. They found them in the Sexual Allegations, in his lies about drinking and parties in school days, they found his weaknesses in his partisain speech blaming the Clintons and The Democrats.
If Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, Roe vs. Wade will fall, if it falls you will set the women in America back a century in their fight for control of their own bodies. In their fight to protect themselves in the case of medical problems during pregnancies.
Here is my final say, on this as we all await the FBI results and the Senate’s decision on this issue, one that will affect the United states for the next 30 to 50 years. By Confirming Brett Kavanaugh, the Republicans are telling American Women, you don’t have the right to Abortion or to control your own bodies. You are telling Americans, anyone can drink and sexually harass,, attack or assault women as you please, you can drink like a fish, get drunk and forget what you did and we will all forgive you, no matter how bad it is, and who you hurt, you can attack Senators in a Hearing on National Television and avoid questions asked of you in anyway you want and still get away with it all. You can be aggressive, obnoxious and angry and yell during a job interview and still get the job, that is a lifetime appointment!
I watched the hearing, I watched Kavanaugh avoid, deny and point fingers at everyone else for his actions and what came out of his own mouth. I have heard many say, well you have no proof of what you are saying, you can’t prove the sexual allegations that Christine Blasey Ford, Ramirez or Swednic have brought forward, they can’t give concrete proof it happened. Maybe that is because the accusations are old, and time and trauma and PTSD kicked in here. Maybe these women were so traumatized they buried the memories of what was done to them, just as my first wife buried the attacks by her father for 38 years, before they surfaced. In the end here is what I will tell all the Senators, if you put Brett Kavanaugh on The Supreme Court, it will be on your conscious for the rest of your life. You will live with the decision you make here in this case, why rush through this man, why does it have to be filled now this seat on The Supreme Court? I will tell you why, in the end, Trump wants him there because he believes fully, he will not get another chance to do this, because he knows the Blue Wave is coming! He also knows he can nominate another and still fill the seat by January 2019 if he hurries, so lets rush the Vote, so he can do it, right!
Two Hundred Historians, have now voted Donald J. Trump the worst President in American History, so go ahead lick his boots, kiss his ass and give him his Nominee and mouth piece on The Supreme Court, but remember this if your Jeff Flake,Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins,and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, you have to live with your conscious , and the results the rest of your life, politically or otherwise and Americans are watching. I know Jeff Flake. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are not worried about reelection this year, but the American Public men and women have a long memory and they won’t forget if you go along with this!
To Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, I commend you Sir for the fight for a FBI Investigation into Kavanaugh on this matter of sexual allegations and his lying and drinking. I commend you for listening to women who were abused, and mistreated by men in power and in other parts of life. Yet if you vote for Brett Kavanaugh now, after this abbreviated FBI Investigation, you are voting to sit a Sexual Pervert and Abuser on The Supreme court, a liar who lied to you and other Senators during the hearing, an obnoxious, arrogant and partisan man. All I can say to you Senator Flake as well as your colleagues, in the Senate, Please Don’t Take a Chance and Vote Yes on such a man, make President Trump Nominate one with no cloud over his head like this!

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