Global Warming is Real, and We are Losing!

Decades ago, as Vice President Al Gore warned the world of Global Warming and the causes and recommended we take action back then, in the 1990s. Today it 2018 and the world is screaming about Global Warming and it is happening daily in the world. Our atmosphere and planet systems can not handle the amount of pollution we are releasing into it and our ecosystems are breaking down. The air is polluted, the waters are risings and the heat is greater then ever before as the temperatures of each season rise 1 to 2 degrees in the next decade.
Water levels will rise due to climate changes and Glaciers melting, parts of continents will go under water and land masses will begin to decrease. The population which has been having a great time, using up the resources of the world has now grown and as all are finding out, drinking water is becoming harder to get.
No one listened to President Carter either when he said conserve fuel and oil, wear sweaters, No one listened to Vice president gore when he warned about Global Warming either, Well, now the world will face the consequences of it all, soon enough as is being predicted by World Organizations.
The future is not bright for the planet earth, we have diminished it’s resources and destroyed and decayed it’s atmosphere to the point of almost losing it now. Scientist world wide are now telling us we will face disasters of unknown proportions within eleven years unless we as a human race take action together now. We need to stop pollution, we need to get off oil and gas, we need to save our planet and thus save ourselves, if we don’t act and listen to those who are telling us how to, our children and grandchildren will die in storms, hurricanes, floods, typhoons and twisters and more. The planet we have mistreated and abused and used up is now going to fight back and destroy us to save itself. The best way is to save the planet, switch over to electric cars that are solar powered, go clean energy now in all ways.
Yes, I know, Presidents say, we must reach for the moon and space and other planets and we may indeed need to, very soon find a new world. What we don’t need is fossil fuels of any kind burning into the atmosphere. Mankind of all nations, creeds, colors and races, need to get on the right track here before there is no here to save!
We can fight all the political fights we want, now of them will save the planet we live on, so we need to stop the infighting between countries, races, sexes, gather our wits and brains together and figure out exactly what we can do to stop Global Warming and do it now, or watch all of us perish from the world we live on.
We don’t need wars, we don’t need more fossil fuel burning, we don’t need to burn away the atmospheric layers that protect us, we need to protect and replenish Mother Earth to Survive and we all should be working as humanity to do so. For if Mother Earth goes as is predicted, mankind will be no more.

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