Kavanaugh was Sworn in as a Justice on the Supreme Court, but at what cost to the court itself and the country?

Yesterday, Brett M. Kavanaugh achieved what he wanted and so did President Donald J. Trump, on a truly partisan basis, when Kavanaugh was Sworn in as a Justice on the Supreme Court, but at what cost to the court itself and the country?
Shortly after he was sworn in and before the paint even had time to dry on his confirmation, stories came flying out, that Chief Justice Roberts received numerous complaints on Kavanaugh while he sat on the DC’s Circuit Court. Turns out Chief Justice Roberts is withholding material evidence on Kavanaugh’s time on the Circuit Court and that people filed numerous complaints regarding his temperament. Now what we have is a partisan, biased Supreme Court Justice on the Supreme Court and no one will take action, because he is already sworn in, the material evidence and complaints will disappear immediately.
The Republican Party and Senators who voted and confirmed Kavanaugh should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. You have put a man on The Supreme Court who is partisan, bias and dangerous too, who has a bad temper problem and drinks. Congratulations to the Republicans who led this fiasco of a Nomination and Confirmation, may you reap what you sowed and no one else.
You rammed and plowed Kavanaugh through to the Supreme Court without a real full time investigation. You overlooked his sexual misconduct and his harassment of women, and his abuse of them.You overlooked his lying to you regarding his drinking habits and partying in his high school and college days. You overlooked his aggressive, obnoxious, and arrogant behavior during the hearing too, nevermind his rudeness and lack of manners when interviewing for the job in the first place.
Yes,you gave President Trump a Conservative Court now, and his way, but at what price to the American People? What will happen now in some of the major issues the Supreme Court must decide on? Roe vs Wade, is it safe or will it be overturned by one vote now? Will women have the right to choice still and control over their own bodies? What about the Gun Laws and the right to bear arms and sell and buy and own them? Healthcare, Presidential Powers all at stake and you Republicans instead of putting up another nominee who was unbiased, honest, and good for the country, rammed and plowed through one like this! It was a sad day in American History when you did this Saturday, when even over 600 legal experts said don’t, when the American Bar Association had him under review and still does today Sunday.
I understand political expediency, I understand the President wanted it done before the midterm elections, the reason is simple because if the blue wave hits, he would never get a nominee through again and he is not thinking of what is good for the country and its people, he thought only of what was good for Donald J. Trump.
As the midterms come upon us, and will arrive shortly on November 6th, 2018, I suspect many Republicans will be thinking, we did what President Trump wanted, our reelection should be certain now, don’t bet on it. I think the opposite is going to happen. We shall see shortly.
Sadly, because of the Republicans, we now have a Supreme Court Justice that is a sexual predator, abuser, harasser and liar with a bad temperment on the Supreme Court of the United states of America. What happens next only history will tell! I say this though, I will pray for the Supreme Court and The United States now, for you have handed the blind lady justice we so faithfully trust in, in America to a biased,partisan and lying Judge, to form and mold the laws of our land! I am sure kavanaugh’s effect on the Supreme Court will be seen shortly, as Trump and Pence push for changes in women’s rights, abortion, gun laws and more. As the changes come and decisions change in America, How badly will it hurt Women, men, Black,s or hispanics, and in the end the nation, time will tell shortly, but as Brett M. Kavanaugh told all, ” What Goes around comes around!” Stand By!

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