Professional Sports should listen!

Sports is in fact getting out of control. Sporting venues cost millions sometimes billions of dollars to build, and only the rich can afford to have a stadium or team in the NFL, or in Major League Baseball or in The National BasketBall Association, these days. As team owners build new stadiums and arenas, the old ones come down and perennial winners and losers keep happening where does major league sports, go next?
Rivalries in Sports like the NFl and Major League Baseball fire up the leagues in their own ways, for instance, Green Bay vs Minnesota in the NFL or in Major League Baseball The Boston Red Sox vs the New York Yankees. If these leagues wish to survive and continue in business, there is going to have to be some changes, in how they operate.
One is the price of the stadiums, and building new ones, no one can truly afford to keep building new ones these days. No owner of a Pro-Sports Franchise can just flip out billions for a new structure and not raise ticket prices. Nor can these owners, continue to pay absorbent pay checks to players for paying pro sports.
There needs to be a compromise to all of it, for it is snowballing out of control these days. I remind all the Owners of pro-sports teams of the following; 1) Any sport can only attain a certain level of attendance, due to the fact of the prices of tickets to get into one and the paychecks you are paying the players.2) By raising ticket prices, you are going to raise yourselves right out of business.3) Paying players the high prices to throw, run with,or hit a ball is one thing, paying then in the millions is another. The revenue you get from a game being played is divided up to pay the bills and salaries of the people you use to make the teams work and the facilities too.
Many in America today can not afford to pay a hundred dollars to sit through a baseball or football game or spend a day out in that way anymore. The Length of a Football game in the NFL is at minimum three to four hours. The Length of a baseball game can be anywhere from three hours up to sometimes 10 to 12 hours.Regular Seaso The price of Tickets are high priced and the cheap seats are not cheap anymore either. Food and munchies at a game or drinks are not normal prices like what you buy at a grocery store either they are ridiculous. A hot dog, costs about 5 to six bucks a shot, a soda or beer 7.50 or up and people are not allowed in if carrying their own food or drinks, they must buy what’s there. Why? One word comes to mind in all of this, GREED!
Let me remind the Owners and Leagues and Players of something, making a living playing a game is a pretty easy lifestyle overall. In Elementary and High Schools across America, boys and girls play sports for free, no charge or salary for them. They play for exercise or for fun and joy, winning is important folks, but, is it that important it should cost millions to player a player to play it?
Sports are really just entertainment when you get to the professional levels, so why are teams paying players millions? If the teams got together and told these players, who deem themselves so great and important to these games, yes we will pay you but only to a certain pay scale and we are not going higher in pay checks then, the rising cost of sports would lower.
Major league Baseball and the National Football League as well as the National Basketball Association are all killing off the games and sport of it all. Because of the prices and the salaries, and the price of building new stadiums, and way it works now, teams that win championships, are even losing in the end. The one who is losing most though through it all is the sports fans. Sadly, greed and gluttony will destroy sports in America and the World soon enough.It is doing a good job of it today, as people stop watching games on television and special networks don’t get bought anymore, on cable networks or satellite ones either. Sport Stars are having a hee day for sure getting 184 million to throw a football, or one hundred and something to throw a baseball for a season, they live high on the hog. While the fan who likes to watch them and track their records and accomplishments can’t afford to attend a game anymore. So at some point, the Owners and lEagues and Players are going to have to realize, they are playing in stadiums with diminishing audiences and less people in the stands.When that happens there will only be one choice to make for the sports franchise owners and team owners and leagues, lower the prices, go back to basics, and stop paying athletes, so damn much, and remember it’s just a sport, even if it is played by adult men and women. We are not Romans and they are not gladiators in colosseum, fighting lions and bears and beasts, they are just men and women who are gifted in some way.
I love the Boston Red Sox, I suffered with my dad, as they lost years after years, and then finally turned it around and won. I sat with dad watching the Red Sox, year after year even when they could not win and dad died before they did it. I am a fan yes, I also like my NFL team the Vikings too and the Celtics from the NBA. yet I can’t pay for networks and cable companies to stream it into my hoe so I can watch them. prices for even television these days are crazy. Cable Prices are rising, oil prices rise too, the cost of living in America rises each day we live. Lets face one fact, about sports, they are not for the elderly, they are not the means and ends to everything in the world, and they are played for either fun or to make money period. The price of watching them, attending them and being a fan of any professional sport or team is rising far out of the ordinary man or woman’s price range these days. It needs to change or the Sports Leagues will indeed be playing to empty stadiums and ball parks.
Where do you start, well if I were a pro sports team owner, I would start lowering the players salaries and contracts, lowering the ticket prices to see the games live, and finding a new way to finance the arena, stadiums and ball fields too. I would lower the cost in anyway I could for the fan, because without the fans, there will be no audience for the pro leagues.
I know, unless you make over a hundred grand a year, you can’t afford to buy season tickets to any of the pro sports teams. I also know that the food at these games are jacked up and crazy and so is the price of memorabilia and trinkets to take home. So in the end here is my way of saying things must end, the more people who don’t watch the Pro Sports Leagues any more, the better, maybe when the numbers get low enough, they can’t get what they are asking for, they will finally, get the message ad lower the pricing and find ways to make it work.The only way, any professional sports league or team, will get the message I am telling you, is if, the fans stop attending and paying the prices, they ask for, and it affects the teams and leagues revenue flows and the Owners and Players wallets. It’s time for the fans to speak and stop the madness, ann make Professional Sports realize they are gouging and draining the fans wallets and we can’t afford it anymore. Stop watching, stop paying the cable companies to stream the games and in the end stop letting grown men rob you blind to see a ball game you played for free when young yourself.

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