Vote Democratic on November 6th, 2018! Let’s get our country back and balanced!’

Election 2018, the Mid term elections of Donald J, Trump’s Presidency are approaching quickly now. Twenty Two days till the election hits and people need to get to the polls on November 6th, 2018. We need to break up the control and majority of the Republican Party and stop what is happening to women’s rights, gun laws, the lack of action against global warming and a President who wants to build a wall we don’t need.
We also need to fire up the Democratic Party in all ways and find ways to elect democrats in all states at all levels and take back the House and the Senate if possible. Too many Americans do not understand the check and balance system of the United States Government and how it is set up. Unless we balance the Government as soon as possible too many things will happen that will affect women’s rights, no action will be taken on gun laws, Social Security and Medicare will come under attack also. Elderly people will lose benefits and medical costs will rise big time for all, for their is no real Medical Insurance in America these days, Trump and his people destroyed Obama Care. Millions of elderly americans are now getting hit with medical bills they can’t afford to pay anymore and nothing is being done to bring the cost down for the average american family.
Trump’s tariffs that he is so proud of are now affecting the American farmers, The American Auto industry and the world as a whole and tearing apart our relationships with countries who are our allies across the world. Yet, no one is taking action to stop this foolishness!
Look I know, I am against trump and I have plenty of good reasons to be and so should you, if you have a brain of your own to think with. Too many americans are blind loyalist followers of Trump and will let him do as he pleases and he believes will re elect him again. If that happens in America, you might as well hope you can farm your own lands to survive and eat, for jobs are going to disappear again, look at Ford,look at the farmers, look at JC Penny, Sears, Macy’s, Bertucci Restaurants and more all disappearing from the american economy and the streets. Empty building lay lifeless, people scrounge for food and search for jobs, the american housing and construction market is going south. think about it folks, please.
Trump’s main thing is lying, and cheating and breaking laws, he has done it all his life. He lied about how he made his fortune, Daddy handed it to him folks. He lied on his tax returns and so did his father. he is lying about collusion with russia during the 2016 election and he should be ashamed of himself, the poor lil rich kid needed the russians to beat a woman for president! He lies about Obstruction, Collusion to you and me daily he averages a total of a dozen lies to the american people daily and his loyal followers still kiss his ass for what? In the end, his followers who follow him so blindly and so loyal will learn they too are gonna get screwed by Trump soon enough when it all catches up to them. Their jobs will go south too, their homes will disappear and the economy will not keep growing soon enough you all will see. Sadly, they are blinded by Trump’s speeches and his rhetoric he has been spewing now for years, there is an old saying Trump Followers, Fool me once, Ok, Fool me twice, shame on me, guess what you are about to be fooled again if Republicans win in 2018, don’t let it happen.
While all he has done to America starts to catch up to americans and it will, not only overseas, but at home too, Trump continues to tell the lies he has told from day one.
He earned his fortune, lie.
Mexico will pay for the wall, lie.
Jobs will grow and the economy will soar, lie.
I didn’t collude with Russia- Lie, He did!
I never Obstructed Justice lie again.
My Tariffs will help Americans, lie, Ford is going under, farmers are losing.
Stop and think America, we look like fools to the world now under Trump!
North Korea will never give up the Nukes, Kim Jung Un is laughing at us.
Syria is laughing at us too, for their so called leader is laughing at Trump
and no one is stopping him.
China is laughing at us too, he put Tariffs on China and they doubled them
back on us.
He put Tariffs on Mexico and Canada too, our allies and neighbors and
friends, stupid. Now all are angry at us.
He even had the gall to put tariffs on European Nations, that are our allies.
As we go forward today in america, Americans are hurting more and more each day and no one is helping the poor or homeless in America, no one cares. We have people sleeping in cardboard boxes and under bridges on our streets. People begging for food on street corners and Trump says we are doing great, what a lie look around.
Sadly while all I am saying is true there will be the naysayers, the Trump Supporters who will bash my every word and try to say how great Trump is doing, but look around the world folks, nations are laughing at us for electing a President who has no idea what he is doing. Even the United Nations laughed at him as he bragged about all he has done for America, think about that, that has never happened in the united nations or United states History, an American President laughed at in the UN.
I know i will vote Democratic, I never voted for Trump in the first place and never will again. Help balance the American Government, help stop the madness that is Trump and his Republicans that dance to his tune. Vote Democratic on November 6th, 2018! Let’s get our country back and balanced!

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