Election Day 2018 is Here, Vote!

Today’s Election is a big statement for all Americans to make, the simple question for all is this, DO you want to let the Republicans, kill Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and run unchecked for two more years, or do you wish to put a check and balance system back in place against this wildness and erratic Presidency?
My wife and I will vote against the madness I am sure, we live on Social Security and my Disability from the Military life I spent 16 years serving my country and i am proud of it and I don’t want to lose any of what I earned. I got up 16 years to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States and its people, not to be stripped of all I earned doing so, and my spinal problems will get worse not better with age and my PTSD will never be relieved, I need the help and coverage to survive.
For those voting today, do you want nothing for medical coverage, you have no more ObamaCare left, the Republicans have killed it. So what insurance do you have to fall back on now? Where and how will you afford coverage for the rest of your life and how much of a burden will you be on your children and grandchildren in the future when your health starts to fail?
Social Security goes and many who can’t work and have no safety net like an IRA or bank Account, will have nothing left. Are you going to pay to take care of us all, who will have nothing left? I doubt you can without a program like Social Security in place or medicare or medicaid. Wake up the Republicans want to take it all from you and give you nothing to depend on or rely on anymore, do you deserve that?
Vote Democrat, Vote for help, Vote for the Future, Vote to stop the Republican Trump Train from mowing you over and destroying your life! Vote Democrat Today and save yourselves, your parents, your grandparents and your children’s future, not to forget your own! For in the end you will have nothing to protect you from being eaten alive by medical and dental costs and pay to eat and house yourselves on! Stand Up, Fight Back at The Polls, stop theRepublicans now, Vote Democrat!

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