Vote Democrat November 6th, 2018

I am not a credited or certified reporter of news in the world or any place specific, but I am a concerned citizen who believes in speaking the truth as I see it and I am sure many will agree and disagree with anything I say on any subject these days. I come from a generation that was born in the 1950’s, and yes some say I am old fashioned and outdated, and some will say my views are not the average for today’s world.
I am a Disabled American veteran, I served a total of 16 years, serving in three different branches, I did the United States Army first and failed there, in a way for I was immature and not ready to fully serve and at the time never understood what I was getting myself into. But unlike others who got a Trainee Discharge from the service in the 1973, mine was Honorable. I went on in the next year to join the Connecticut Army National Guard, where I served in my home town and State and Country for the next three years, while the economy tanked, and jobs disappeared. In the end the time for change for me came, on December 29th, 1978, when I joined the U.S. Navy and stayed in for the next 12 years
I married while in The Navy and had two daughters and a marriage that lasted those twelve years I was in Service. I was discharged from the Navy, Medically Under Honorable Conditions. I haven’t really worked since 1994, when I was declared unemployable by authorities due to back injuries and PTSD systems.
Now why would I want to make a podcast, many will ask, well, I now at 62 years old and going on 63 in January of 2019, have been around a bit and have experienced many things. Among them, I remind all is the number of Presidents I have witnessed in America, 10. There are others who have witnessed and lived through more of them I am sure, but, I am only concerned with those I know. I was born under Dwight D. Eisenhower, who became President after leading the Allies in World War Two to Victory. But the president I start with really and remember most is John F. Kennedy.
So, to stay on point, Kennedy was the first I can remember, and I have seen all since till President Trump. None lacked the moral and ethical fiber or had a lack of empathy for the people of the United States than Donald J. Trump. None have disregarded, ignored and attacked former Presidents the way he does, none have killed HealthCare just for personal reasons of not liking the name or person who was attached to it, like a child. Obama did nothing to Trump, neither did the Americans who counted on Obamacare for their Health coverages. Yet, he did it anyway and did not replace it with anything.
This President is accused of sexual harassment, by at least 16 women, He is accused of Colluding with the Russians our mortal enemy to get elected, he is accused of Obstruction of Justice left and right and he lies on an average of 24 times a day to the American People, and still his blind loyalist followers back him one hundred percent and won’t say a word against him. Isn’t it, time someone steps up, stands up and stops this man?
Let’s discuss the Republicans who are backing him some starting with the Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Here is a Senator who is supposed to be working for the American People and his people in Kentucky who has pushed through a man to the Supreme Court who is a Sexual predator and gotten away with it.
Now McConnel is out to kill Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and does not think twice about saying so. He will leave your grandparents, your parents and you and your grandchildren with nothing to fall back on period. Have you heard of any plans to replace these items he is talking of cutting, nope. So here is the dal he cuts them in anyway, it is more money out of your pockets to take care of your parents, grandparents or disabled or children medically. No one has invented any HealthCare now have they, nope.
That being said let’s talk about Trumps rhetoric and speeches lately. How about trup wanting to end Birther Rights for those born in America. If he does this then, anyone born on American soil will not always be American no more. Do you really believe he can change the Constitution just because he wants to with an Executive order? I don’t and The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said it also, no way he can do it, yet he says he can, will you allow it or will you take action and stop him?
Let’s talk Immigration now, We have policies and laws in place to protect people coming to America and asking for asylum, we have procedures for this purpose and we are a country built with immigrants I remind you. Should we turn away people seeking asylum, just because he wants it that way and wants to build a wall we have never had for 242 years and never needed before? Mexico told him they won’t pay for it, and we should tell him no also, we don’t need one. We dealt without one for 242 years folks, so why now?
These people in this so-called caravan he calls it are walking to American and looking for help, not invading us. He is wrong, The American Military should not be manning the border to stop their entry, or to put fear into them. It is apolitical ploy, for the election folks, he is stroking fear and trying to juice up his loyal supporters, it’s wrong.
As this Election closes in on Tuesday, November 6th, of 2018, the real choice is whether you will allow a republican Party and its President to lead America away from Democracy and the Republic we live in, and allow them to steer us to nationalism, under a Nationalist President, which trump says he is. Is that the kind of country you want for your children, your grandchildren and your future generations to come?
Join with me and millions of others say no to nationalism, say no to the loss of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, say no to fear mongering and threats. Say yes to reinstalling the Check and Balance system our Forefathers put in place when they created America, Vote Democrat on November 6th, 2018, save the Republic now, Save Democracy now, Vote! Don’t get led by the bullshit and rhetoric of a nationalist President who doesn’t care about anything except himself and his rich cronies! Vote Democrat and let’s balance it out!

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