A Few Questions for Congress !

A few questions for the Senators and Representatives in Congress is all.
1) Now that President Trump has fired Attorney General Sessions, how does a
replacement need to be approved to replace him?
2) Can an Interim Replacement like Matt Whitaker, as acting Attorney General
fire Roesentien or Mueller?
3) Shouldn’t Whitaker who has already defended Trump against Obstruction and
Collision charges, be forced to recuse himself?
4) All sign point to the Russia Investigation ending soon enough, will the
Acting Attorney General block the report from becoming public and can he?
5) If he does block Mueller’s Report on Russia from coming out who can Mueller
submit it to for it to become public and known to all for the results?
6) Since President Trump is a primary subject of the Russia Investigation,
should he be allowed to affect it in anyway or cut it short or shut it down?
7) How fast can the Democrats who took over the House in the Mid Terms, act
after in office?
8) We have from today until January 3rd it seems to hold on, and save the Russia
Investigation, how do you do so, so the President can’t end it and destroy
9) Will the Democrats try for Impeachment, or will they not?
10) Impeachment takes a long process, investigations, Articles Being written and
being approved by both Houses, so what is the time needed if it is done?
11) What powers does the Senate have vs. the Powers of the house of        Representatives, in the Russia and Trump Investigations and Impeachment?
12) Who initiates Impeachment and writes the Articles, and how fast can it be
13) Now with the Midterm Elections complete, What power does the House truly have           to check President Trump’s behaviors and plans?

14) Final question, will it be worth it, to Impeach President Trump at this point, or is it             better to just stop his agendas and plans and leave him waving in the wind as                     President as a Lame duck?

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