Veteran’s Day is important and so are the freedoms we all love!

Times be changing and so do the generations it seems. As my mother and father told me, they walked to school every day, 5 miles back and forth in the rain and the snow! We ate hardly nothing, we didn’t have television they told me, they didn’t have phones either. by the time they both died it was 1990 and 91 respectfully, we had television, phones, electric and school buses too. They raised 5 kids, 4 boys one girl and of the five four still survive in 2018. They feed us well gave us a home and beta us if we went wrong and made sure we didn’t. And when we did go wrong they corrected us, kept us off drugs and booze and made us work at home and get jobs when old enough to do so. Different generation then today for sure!

Today I watch my children and step children raise their children, they get fed whatever they choose, they get electronic gear, game consoles, cell phones, and computers, they go to the schools of their choice at the high school levels and they speak back to their parents like they are their friends not their parents. There is a level of disrespect between the newest generation and their parents and it shows.

What happened to America folks, what happened to parents who corrected their children, with spankings, smacks and discipline, like grounding and putting to bed without supper or tv? What happened to kneeling in the corner or staring at a wall on your knees till they were soe and you remembered what you did wrong? I know, I know Kramer Vs. Kramer right, I don’t believe the movie did it, I think the 1980’s did it with The Cosby SHow, and he is now in prison for crimes he committed. HIs show said no hitting you children, talk to them, convince them to go the way you want them to. The psychological way he preached fails. The Cosby Generation is now failing their children and their children will fail theirs too. There is something to say for the old religious saying. Spare the rod, Spoil the child just look at the children of America today, spoiled, selfish, demanding and disrespecting of their elders in all ways. It’s sad indeed. Some are growing up, dropping out of schools, other have fits of anger and kill people, and others die of drugs these days and Aids and other causes.

My parents told us, what to do, how to do it and when to do it,and why too. We grew up in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. We ended up in good jobs, or the Military. we became respected citizens who voted, who own property and live in peace, what happened to the children of the 1980s, and on? It’s sad,a dn many are now, walking the streets of America with signs, can’t find work, feed me I will work for food. Some live in cardboard boxes on the streets and America, is in a political mess, with the rich getting richer the poor getting poorer and the ill and sick and elderly losing benefits they need to survive, like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, that Rump and the republicans want to kill. It’s a sad time in America for all! Can it be fixed, I can only hope so for future generation of Americans, I served 16 years and am a Disabled Veteran from three different branches. I didn’t serve for me, or the few benefits I get, I served to Protect those I love and the Country I believe in, can we get some Americans of today’s america top think the same way I did? I can only hope so, now and watch!

As we Celebrate Veterans day come Monday, I can only hope all will realize, American Veterans served to preserve and protect the homeland, the Constitution and our family and friends we love and have loved.! Veteran’s Day is important and so are the freedoms we all love!



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