Let’s talk Election Results now and truths. 

 Let’s talk Election Results now and truths.   The Midterm election has passed the Senate is Republican and now the House is Democrat, the numbers show it, the world knows it in America and what will happen next?

The Truth is Trump Lost in the Midterm Election by a big margin!.

Start with The House of Representatives- 225 Democrats Vs. 197 Republicans, this change in numbers means bad news for President Trump,

Then head to The Senate where the Republicans now have the Majority 51 to 46.

Let’s look at what can happen next and will it happen is the question, for do we really want the House to start Impeachment Proceedings on the President or don’t we? For in the end no matter how many Articles of Impeachment the House may write on President Trump, and his  high crimes and misdemeanors are far worse than Nixon’s ever were, is it worth wasting the time to do it?  Maybe not is what I say.

If the House takes the time and effort to write the Articles of Impeachment needed to Impeach President Trump they will be overlooking other matters, that will concern all Americans. 1) Medicare, 2) Medicaid, 3) Social Security, all three are safety nets for the Elderly, Disabled and deemed medically unable to work. If they don’t protect these programs, those who have them will watch them dry up and disappear and then the burden of caring for these individuals will fall to their families and add financial burdens, to all with these people in their families. Do we want that to happen?

Next comes the Immigration Problem and Daca, We do not really have an Immigration problem in America what we have is a problem with Republicans who want to make it a problem. Our system allows for immigrants to come here for various reasons, and we control who comes in and who doesn’t already by our own laws and methods. Do we need a President calling innocents seeking help and asylum. criminals, rapists and thieves and drug dealers? No matter what type of people they may be, they did not just run away from their home countries to come to America to spread crime, they are coming here looking for protection, give em hearings, then decide like the laws say to do.

The Wall, a great debate is happening as to build or not build the damn wall. Here is my opinion plain, and simple. I don’t care how many billions we spend on a wall or how high it goes or how deep it goes down, it will not stop illegal immigrants and criminals from crossing the border into America. We have never had a wall, in 242 years as a country on the U.S. Mexican Border, why now? I submit that even if  such a wall is built, it is useless anyway, the Mexicans and others will tunnel under, around, or go over, or use sea routes to get to America anyway. You may slow the numbers by building it for a few years, by they will still come and get in. It’s a waste of time and money and material really. Man the damn border with Border Patrol, and do it the way we have all the time. Trump’s wants to protect America, then fine, do so using Ice and Border Patrol Guards, the wall will never work.

The so called caravan coming through Mexico to the American Southern Border, while they started out as seven thousand strong, how many do you really think will get here? A lot fewer I guarantee it, no way you may get two thousand if they make it. And then how many are going to stop in Mexico and apply there instead of coming all the way? Thousands have already, so be real here. No one knows who all these people really are or why they are coming our way, looking for safety and help, why don’t we find out when they get here? Lets just make them enter legally, make them apply, and let our system that is in place using strict standards and policies and regulations and rules and whittle out the bad and send them away? Why bad mouth them, and cause a crazy anger filled riot over it? Be realistic now, the system has worked for 242 years, it still works today and America is indeed a nation of Immigrants anyway, we are built on them. Our Ancestors came from other countries, we accepted all of them and survived, what makes anyone think we can’t handle these people too?

Now with the House of Representatives  Democrat, the check and balance system set up originally by the Forefathers and Constitutional writers is in effect again. So who really has the power here, in this set-up?

The Constitution vests certain exclusive powers in the House of Representatives, including the right to initiate impeachment proceedings and to originate revenue bills.

            Special, exclusive powers given to the Senate include the following:
  • Major presidential appointments must be confirmed by the Senate. …
  • Treaties with other nations entered into by the President must be approved by a two-thirds vote by the Senate. …
  • An impeachment trial occurs in the Senate.

Now as I see this, The Senate which the Republicans hold has only approval powers over certain issues and items. The House now Controls the beginnings of issues and controls the approval of all Financial Matters, or revenue which includes the wall, Trump wants.


 The House can start Impeachment Procedures and write Articles of Impeachment, but even if the Democrats do this, the Republicans control the Senate and will not Vote to Impeach Trump, because they have the Majority there. My solution to this problem for the Democrats is simple,  you can not convince enough republicans to Vote for Articles of Impeachment against Trump in a quick mode, then stop Impeaching him don’t waste your time. let him waver in the wind as a dead duck in office and move on without his bullshit. 1) Put Laws and Bills in Place to Protect Mueller and the Russia Investigation. 2) Get the report from said Investigation released by Mueller and put it before the American People in Hearings on National Television, let the American People decide once the evidence and results are released, as to what happens next. We the people have the right to know the truth!

If The Senate Republicans will not Vote To Impeach and Remove Trump and it is clear , then move on, block his wall money, block his destruction of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Do what is necessary to stop him from destroying America from within the way he is doing it, save the country in all ways possible.

I believe eventually the Special Prosecutor Mueller will prove Collusion, he will prove Obstruction, just as it is now proven that Trump was involved in paying off Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, just ask The Washington Journal and The Post and New York Papers. This is about to become a President who will be indicted under Federal Laws by the Special Prosecutor and than also under Indictment by the state of New York too. It is a sad time and a crisis in American History now!

The Democrats want to do it right now, by the book, collect the Mueller Report on the Russian Investigation, Collusion and Obstruction, combine it with the New York Indictments and write the Articles of Impeachment now and force Trump out, force him to resign I say. But opinions are like assholes as many will say and this is just my opinion I am presenting here. I am sure Trump Loyalist and supporters of his will say I am crazy, I don’t know what I am saying, I  will get called names and a liberal, and a Democrat and more, I am sure. But you want the truth, I am really neither a liberal or a democrat or a republican, I am an independent at heart, yes, I am a registered Democrat, but never do I go one way, never have.  But none of that matters now at this point in time. what does matter is the state of the Republic, the status of The United States of America in the World, how other countries look at us, for leadership, militarily, morally and ethically and depend on us to do the right thing. I know I will hear how Trump’s economy is so great and he produced it, it’s false too, it started under Obama, it grew under Obama and Trump just tweeked it is all. And as he did, he passed a tax bill to make the rich richer and benefit himself at the cost of middle income and lower income Americans. Sad.

America stands at a point in time where its reputation worldwide is being destroyed by Trump, he is laughed at by North Korea, he is laughed at by Saudi Arabia, he is laughed at by Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan too. He is laughed at at the United Nations by all nations and that has never happened in American History or the History of the United Nation either.

He attacks the Media and reporters for asking hard questions, and saying what he doesn’t want to hear, isn’t that what reporting is about, asking the hard questions and getting the answers for the people? It sure as hell is folks! He is is attacking blacks, hispanics and others openly as a President, what example does that send to the world and our allies? Talking allies now, he has tariffed them all, from China and Russia, to Canada and Mexico and anyone else he can, crying foul on the trade wars, when all he had to do was talk and negotiate with them. Now they are doubling down on tariffs against America and costing us left and right and destroying us too in return. Our farmers have to be subsidized by our own government to survive because of his tariffs. Think about it folks!

Look I can go on, as to how his tariffs on steel are affecting the Auto Industry too, but why keep going, many will not listen, many are in la lal  land so to speak, the great President, The Great man right. He’s a liar who lies to the American People 24 times a day on average, but I know the Trump Supporters will cry foul, call me a liar in return and tell me I am full of shit, I have heard it all before. Yet as this Presidency goes on the destruction of America from within keeps going on and Putin’s Puppet Trump continues. We need to block and stop him now, we need to fix it now, the American People need to admit they made a mistake in electing this President and start to fix it now or face the consequences very soon!





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