The Russia Investigation Now?

   President Trump and CNN and other news stations and agencies are now predicting that the Investigation is going to come to an end soon. The one not saying that it is ending is the man running it, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, he has not said a word publically.

   As to President Trump answering the questions sent to him by The Special Prosecutor, I doubt it is true for more reasons than one. First off,  Trump’s anger over the investigation and his way of showing it is simple, he takes it out on his own administration, and media reporters left and right. His constant problem with answering questions regarding the Russia Investigation, his outbursts of anger and pointing of fingers at others denying things they know he did, yet denies is sad.

   I watch CNN, Fox and MSNBC, and see all they report regarding the Investigation and Mueller’s handling of it. What I am finding is that Trump does not handle himself professional in anything he does as President never mind in answering questions, he can say he answered the questions himself, but in the end when his lawyers are finished reviewing his answers and send them in, he won’t even recognize those same answers. Sadly, this President talks bullshit, lies and avoids, and distracts more than any President in American history. No Administration has more people indicted, convicted or removed from their jobs than this one, it’s sad.

   Here is what I believe will happen if I am correct. Special Prosecutor Mueller will complete his report when he is ready and I am sure, since Matthew Whitaker is still the Acting Attorney General, there is pressure being applied for Mueller to finish it up. Secondly, I believe Mueller has the proof to prove collusion with Russia and Obstruction of Justice easily. To compile and write such a report is not easy no matter who you are, but, in this case Mueller is being b=very careful in how he is writing it and what it will say. Thirdly, I believe Robert Mueller is an intelligent man, and will not allow Whittaker, Trump or any other Republican to block, or black out the report and he will make sure it becomes public. Fourthly I believe Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General running the Mueller Team, will make sure more than one copy will be released. I believe what will happen is, Congress, both House and  Senate and the White House will get copies and as well as other individuals, who need to. Remember, NIxon’s Impeachment copies went everywhere, same with Clinton’s. it will not be any different here. Plus if it is redacted,, changed or hidden in anyway from the American Public, there will be hell to pay I am sure.

    Soon enough I am sure, Mueller will charge Roger Stone, and Donald Trump Junior. He may even charge Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner too. Each had knowledge of the Russian Meeting in Trump Tower too. Indictments will roll out soon enough, I am sure for each knows it is coming and had publicly told friends they know it too.

      As 2018 rolls to an end, The Democrats, will have full control of The House, The Republicans only added two seats in the Senate. When you hear the Senate Majority Leader, asking out loud if the Democrats will act in a bipartisan manner, in the future, you know, he understands Trump and he, himself McConnell are in trouble and it’s coming soon.

     Since the MidTerm election has passed and the results keep coming in, putting more democrats in office, isn’t it strange there is now, no mention, of the wall between Mexico and America, there is no mention of the so called caravan of illegal immigrants who are invading the United States. Isn’t that interesting folks? I think it is, for what happened to Mexico will pay for the wall, it died, cause Mexico said no way. What happened to North Korea no longer building nukes and his buddy Kim Jung Un? The North Korean Leader is laughing at Trump as he builds new nuke sights and new weapons openly. The Saudi Arabians made up an excuse for murdering a Reporter and they are getting away with it fully. Putin went to France and just smiled at Donald Trump, it was funny. trump is just dog paddling his way through his term, he has no idea what the hell he is doing!. It’s sad folks!

    The strategy for this Administration is scream they are lying, tell the American People we are doing great and lie. It’s been that way since January of 2016. he  is unlawful, illegal and in plain english, wrong. When someone says something against Trump or his family or disagrees with them, he fires them! They quit or leave in a way with an excuse for not staying. Why is that, it’s easy, all can see just how illegal and corrupt and lying he is up close. It’s a sad, sad Presidency I’ll tell ya that much!

   Yes President Trump, The Russia Investigation will end soon enough and take away, Roger Stone, Donald Trump Jr. and more as it ends. It will also more than likely cause you to make a decision on whether to resign or be impeached outright, so hang on if you think the ride is rough for the last two years, be prepared for one hell of a ride if you stay in office! The House will be running investigations on every area of The Russia Investigation, on your taxes, on DOnald Jr, Roger Stone, on the Meeting in Trump Tower, on your daily lies and be sepenoaning many people. It will be one crazy ride indeed!

   I give credit to the three Presidents who were Impeached in American History, they knew their positions and where they stood. The first one fought and stayed to finish his term, Nixon, had no choice but to resign, he knew he was cooked, Clinton was Impeached for his affairs and Whitewater bullshit, and survived, but you Trump can not survive what is coming. What is coming will be like an avalanche, and a hurricane combined. You have managed to already ruin many people and get them indicted, next will be your own family. sad indeed. I look forward to Muellers, Russia Investigation and further indictments as they come out. If you President Trump are not intelligent enough to understand, that the longer you hang on the closer they get to indicting Roger Stone, Ivanka and Jared and Donald Jr., then you are either outright stupid or blind, which is it? 

   As we close in on 2019, and the end of The Russia Investigation, you should sit back and count heads of how many have already been convicted, sentenced and indicted, and will spend time in jail and have their lives ruined so you could be President. You colluded with Russia and Putin and used rubles to win the election, You couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton without it. You have Obstructed Justice from day one, by firing Yates, Comey and others including now the Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it’s sad.

   I hope America will now get all the truths, from The Russia Investigation and Special Prosecutor Mueller, and I hope when it comes, we finally change all Trump did as Putin’s Puppet.




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