Decorum, Mr President is a two way street, you won’t like it when there is no press to brief will you?

  As a child, I was taught some manners, and decency and yes decorum is a part of being a decent person in public and in private. I agree, with the fact, there has to be some sort of control over what reporters ask how many questions at a White House Briefing, what I don’t agree with is a President and Administration who thinks they can avoid questions and then cry foul when reporters press for answers.  Trump now says we will set up rules for the Press Sessions at the White House and if reporters don’t control themselves, we will walk out and not give briefings anymore! Amazing!

   A thought here occurred to me, is a Press Briefing from an Administration in the White House of the President worth reporting on, or attending, if all you will get is lies for answers, or distraction, distortion, or avoidance? I think not, if Trump’s Administration, wants to avoid or walk out of a Press Briefing they called, because they can’t handle questions shouted at them, then so be it,  do so! Look, I know what is going on here is not just The Trump Administration, chasing one reporter or network out of a press briefing or trying to control one person or network, it’s Trump trying to circumvent the news period, he doesn’t like the questions and he can’t handle telling the truth. In the end what he is doing is shutting out the american people, so he and his people don’t have to answer question just make statements.

  Another thing that comes to mind in this situation, Trump is creating here with the Media and the Press in general is this, there is far more news you can ask about many news subjects in the world and America, then just what the White House wants heard. You want to solve Trump and his Administration’s Problem with Press Briefings and questions they don’t like or won’t ask, here is how you do it, You Walk Away from the Press Briefings and Do not Attend them anymore when  the White House gives them. You only listen to the Press Briefings from the White House and report on National Security matters, anything else you leave Sarah Sanders and her Press Crew and Staff, standing at the Podium alone and that’s it. What would Trump and Sanders and the Press Staff for The White House do if they had no audience for their lies?

   If you have no audience and no one listens, if you scream in the woods will someone hear you? The Trump Administration is like the old story of the boy who cried wolf too many times, it’s time the Press and Media outlets and all reporters alike, ignore them for a change. Maybe then at some point when they hold a news conference or Press Briefing, they will not distract,avoid, run from, questions, and put on their adult pants and act like the leaders they are supposed to be, and answer the damn questions with manners instead of complaints and rudeness, like Trump gives out all the time. Decorum, Mr President is a two way street, you won’t like it when there is no press to brief will you?

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