Video Games, X-Box and Red Dead Redemption II= A+

   I want to talk today about something few bloggers do, Video Games, I am a current XBox S Owner and I enjoy playing the games for the challenges and for the fun and to pass free time. I have had an X-Box now for many years, and each version they create works a little better, with better graphics and sound and bigger hard drives to save to.

   I played many games in my days on the Xbox over the years, some like most of the Call of Duty Series, at least two or three of The Assassin Creed Series, and other slike Batman and Injustice 2 and more. The latest I have found an interest in is Red Dead Redemption, a Video game Western put out by Rock Star Games. It is set in 1899 America, and is about Outlaws on the run and you play as one man who is part of a game, trying to escape and make a free life. Arthur Morgan is a true cowboy and the horses and tasks and needed things to do are great in this games from chores, to robbing stagecoaches, to robbing from homes and people and killing people for reasons as you go along. You also have to kill and skin animals to live, feed yourself and your horse, care for any weapons you have, and help the gang until you reach a point where you decide to go on your ow to survive. The story is long, the tactics fun, the scenery is terrific and well done by grand graphic artists of great quality. It can be relaxing, or tense at times depending on what you are doing. I had to become a Bounty Hunter at one point to make money for the gang and I to survive on. Horses you can buy or find almost anywhere as you roam the trails and towns and mountains in the game. If you want fun, and to relax and find things as well as fight from a fist fight, to a gun fight, this game is for you.

   I have played Assassins Creed Origin and find that this game equals that one many ways and actions. You have to steal and fight in both games, you have to travel to look for food, money, gold,and survive. It’s an adventure and role play game all rolled into one and is maybe the best game of 2018, and one of the best ever at this point in Video Gaming History. 

   So if you want a recommendation for a new game for your X-box or Playstation or even you Personal Computer, that will entertain, make it interesting, show you great graphics and you can get lost in Red Dead Redemption is it. The map for the single player game is huge and it will soon become multiplayer online too. I think when it does this month, I am anxious to see how they do a MultiPlayer concept for this game, it will be interesting. I am like many players who now own this 5 star rated game, anxious to see the Multiplayer and maps they put out.  I am sure the interactions between players will be hot, fast and fun!


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