I sure as hell, don’t believe in Trump!.

   OK, we are now reaching the Holiday Season for America, Thanksgiving will be upon us shortly, so before i begin this one, I want to wish all a Happy Thanksgiving, in case I don’t get a chance to later.

    We are a fussy, and sometimes stubborn people, us Americans, we refuse to back down, we fight to the end and when someone says we are wrong, many of us will still stick to our guns so to say. Such is the case with the rabid, wild eyed, blind Trump Loyalist out there. Trump was right, he can stand on Central Avenue in New York and shoot someone and they will still vote for him, it’s sad.

   Recently, I wrote one blog on Trump’s lack of decorum, in response to his calling the media and White House Reporters out for their lack of it. I did what I usually did with it, I sent the blog to multiple news outlets on twitter and facebook, and then to some people who I served with in the service over the years and friends. The sad part is, I got one who served with me in the military, who replied, and I quote” Don’t send me these things anymore, I am a Trump Supporter and he will be in four more years!” Now, that, I hope will never happen, he is the biggest walking disaster in American History to ever sit in the Presidency in my lifetime!.

     That said, and now that all know firmly and strongly, I am not a Trump Supporter, I think he is destroying our stature, our position, our allegiances,  and more in the world. But most who read my blogs know how I feel regarding him,! Let’s move on from the political debate of Trump, his Presidency and his lack of skills, to a new subject I love arguing, creation, the bible and God. Which is real folks, where did mankind and all of it’s creatures come from do you know, or should we know? Good Question right?

   As I was growing up I attended, the Catholic Church as a child, because my mother was a catholic and she required us to. There are pictures of my elder brother and I making communion and confirmation in the catholic robes so to say. I remember attending  Sunday School to do so. At last though, it would be at ten years old, my step-father, who was an Albanian, told me, that I can choose to attend church or not myself, I chose not to anymore. I found myself, deciding against religion and the church, because I read the bible itself and found myself remembering the following verse or saying, “God sees all, hears all, and knows all.”  So, I came to understand, I came pray anywhere at anytime, and God will still hear me no matter what. Thus, because of this  I walked away from the Catholic Church and the lies it produced.

    Years later, I got into a debate over religion and creation with a friend.  The debate came down to evolution vs God and always in the end the question remained for me, IF God created all, then where did God come from? If we came from evolution and the Big Bang what ignited it all? Questions no one has ever been able to answer for me fully. I don’t think mankind, will ever answer those question, because they are beyond the limits of our education, research and minds to handle. Honestly speaking I wonder, is there a way to find out?

   Again it would be some years, before I came to any other discussion or debate about religion, then I married and my first wife’s mother was a catholic and strict about it. She told me I couldn’t sleep in the same bed with my wife in her home unless I was married in a catholic church! So, my first wife and i remarried in a catholic church, for her mother’s peace of mind.  In the end it didn’t change anything, I started once more to attend church with her parents and stopped just as fast. I got nothing from the church or the sermons or the verses of the bible I hadn’t already heard of known. I moved on, and the church didn’t save my marriage either in anyway for it ended in divorce, not caused by me, but but my ex-wife’s father and mother,my ex-father in law who is new dead and gone, had sexually abused and misused his four children, two girls and two boys, as they grew up, sad. The sad part is that when my divorce happened, I made a bad choice and had moved in with my mother in law and her son, till we could find a place and afford one for ourselves. In the end, my wife asked for the divorced I tried to fight her and make sure she wanted it, so, I had to leave. The rest is another story in and of itself, but no church could save that mariage, or my two daughters either, from what they had to live through.

   The next argument or discussion of the Catholic Church I had came in my forties. Someone I knew told me I should read my bible again.  I smiled and said no thank you, for I had already done that. When I started writing blogs, I also started writing stories, poems and eventually short books.  I have always loved reading, and the worlds one can create in writing. The imagination and human mind can create anything as long as you understand the english language, or any language well enough. So, writing has become a pastime for me and I write shorts.

    Then I realized what the Bible is really and went oh shit, I should have known. I shook my head when it hit me one day. The Bible is now in many forms and languages, but if you read or look at all of them, from each religion, or just do it the easy way, look at the New and Old Testaments and you can see where and how it formed. The Bible is an gathering of old stories, made up over the centuries and held and controlled by the catholic church and others and compiled over time. These were writers, writing down stories of their days and creating myths and fictions and then handing them down over the ages to others in the church to add on to is all. The Bible is really, a gathering of short stories, driven by religious people and compiled so mankind and the church, including the Pope and Priest and more can preach it and gather funds for their stone and built structures. The Church is one of the richest empires ever assembled on the planet earth. They built the Vatican, and all the churches and structures associated with them on what money, your money the faithfull, who attend their churches and donate!

   Knowing all of this, I stay away from churches, I avoid religious fanatics or preachers of any kind these days, it’s all a sham in my mind and heart. And I don’t see a Pope, a Cardinal,a Priest or anyone else who follows that faith who can ever change my mind. And i doubt I will ever see one who can in anyway. The only difference between a Trump loyalist follower and a church follower is one thing, the church follower will admit wrong, back off and leave you be and a Trump Follower will follow him till they die, because they blind themselves to what he does. Sadly, it’s true, if all understand where I am coming from here.

     So when someone says to me, the Bible is a great book, I just look at them and walk away and shake my head, and when someone says to me Trump is Great, I shake my head walk away, and tell them America has always been great and always will be, because it is based on the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and a legal system that works, trump is just a con-man, bully, and in the end a man who stole an election through collusion and russian rubles, and then has been obstructing justice since. He is dangerous, and sadly he still has blind loyalist followers just like the churches, who believe because they need something to believe in, someone to believe in, to survive and carry on. Mankind gets desperate at times for leadership and for someone to follow, take a look at history and you will find those instances for sure. Caesar, Hitler, Stalin. Mussolini,Hirohito and many others are examples of the same personality traits as Trump. Megalomania, narcissistic, selfish, foolish and more all of them. All of them were like Trump nationalist, and told the world so, and where did they end up? In the end, I do not believe in the catholic church, I do not believe in the Bible and I sure as hell don’t believe in Trump!.




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