The Sad Trump Delusions, You put your own offspring at stake!

President Donald J. Trump is having delusions and I think walking nightmares. This man, thinks the russia Investigation will never touch him or his administration. He is deluded and living in a fantasy world for sure. I am pretty sure he will wake up soon enough, when Roger Stone, and his son Donald Jr. are indicted and charged for lying to Congress. The sad part is this, in the whole mess here, because of his greed and power grab at the Presidency which he won, he has put his own children at risk. What kind of a man, furthers his wants and needs and lets his children pay the price for the what he wants?

He has a delusion of a Nobel Peace Prize, but has done nothing to get one, and he failed at negotiating with North Korea for sure. His discussions with Kim Jung Un only served to put North Korea on the map, it did nothing for America or the world. It was a total failure, and the North Koreans and the world know it now.

Manafort has been convicted and has lied to Mueller and now that he has it has exposed Trump’s lies in his written answers to Mueller also. Sadly, Trump is now a proven liar, if all that Manafort has said is correct. Add in Cohen his former lawyer talking to Mueller for over 70 hours and still going and wham he must know his ass is in a sling. Sadly, Putin, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and others are laughing at the United States and more. Even The United Nations has laughed at President Trump and in the history of the United States no President has ever been laughed at, at the United Nations.

Trump really believes in his own mind he is the best President ever, he isn’t he failed at bringing jobs back that he promised to middle americans in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and other states. General Motors is closing 4 maybe 5 plants, Ford is hurting and laying off too. He isn’t responsible for the economy we have folks Obama is, and Trump is delusional if he thinks he is. These delusions he continues to have and his rants and raves over the Russia Investigation and Mueller and Rosentien are crazy and out of control. He can’t contain his anger and his frustration, nor can he tell the same lie straight twice in one day. It’s very, very sad, for america to suffer through a Presidency so far from reality. He ran for President, and even after being nominated for it, still engaged in trying to build in Moscow. Sad, no respect at all for the country, the position he ran for or the american people.

I don’t think he understands how bad this will be for his children, he has ruined their lived and made them now persons of interest in the Russian Investigation. I doubt very much if Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump or Jared Kushner will escape this investigation unscatahed or untouched. My question is simple for DOnald J. Trump the President,  What kind of a man, is so power hungry and mad enough to put his own offspring at stake to get the Oval Office?  Donald J. Trump didn’t think when he involved his children in his crimes and rise to the Oval Office did he? Sad indeed!

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