A President Passes/ George H.W. Bush

   George Herbert Walker Bush, died recently and I am sad to see him go.  He brought dignity, and honor as well as smarts to the Presidency in his term. He stood tall and spoke clear, and always had a good word for the American People and the world. George Herbert Walker Bush held many roles in his service to America over his lifetime and will be most remembered for his Presidency it is true, but he also led the CIA and so much more, and served and survived his military time in office. His relationship and life with his wife Barbara Bush is amazing and beautiful, they raised their children in peace and did did brilliantly. 

   George W, and his brother Jeb, are outstanding results for George H.W. and his wife. One served as a Florida Governor and the other as a two term President. No President in history that I can see did that much for the country. 

   As the Bush Family gets ready to bury their patriarch, America grieves with them for their lose and our also. We have lost a stabilizing influence on politics and the American way, one that guided us at the end of the Cold War and gently saved the world in his own way.

    As I am sure, will happen now, the surviving President’s will gather for George H.W. Bush’s funeral and all say goodbye to one of their own, and I hope all will be respectful of his families wishes. George H.W. Bush was a Hero, a Leader, a President and a man of dignity, kindness and caring that this country has not seen since his time in office. He lived 94 years and that my friends is a long life, he was the last President to have served in and survived World War 2, and that in and of itself was an achievement.


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