Merry Christmas Donald, Americans, will cry with joy, as you go down….

Today will be a big day in Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation, he is about to reveal how long Michael Cohen will get in prison and what Manafort lied about as he files documents at the courthouse.  How it will hit Trump and hurt him is yet to be determined, on top of the midterm election results, which now is a democratic swarm to the House of Representatives, by the Democrats adding 40 seats.

I am sure more will be coming in the near future also, for Donald Trump Jr., has to be under investigation for the Trump Tower meeting, and the Russian woman at said meeting is looking for a plea deal too and will reveal more. Jared Kushner attended the meeting in Trump Tower and was working to create a back door to Russia also at the same time. Then we have Roger stone, who seems to know he will probably be indicted, cause he is speaking out all over the place, saying he will never turn on Trump. He will when the indictment hits, I am sure, for why not do so if it saves you prison time? Jerome Corsi is the same, as he goes around saying he won’t talk of Trump either, but he knows the Special Prosecutor is coming for him. It’s a sad trail of bodies, and each one is closer to Donald Trump as Mueller goes along. I see it only getting worse for Donald Trump, as time goes on. Mueller and others are now subpoenaing Trump Hotel Company records and other records, and tax records too from the Trump Empire so to say. How many people from other countries stayed at Trump’s Hotels and paid homage to Trump to get favors, and how much money did the Donald make? It will come out I am sure.

Donald, Donald, Donald, you are so greedy and power hungry, that you put at stake your own offspring to get the Oval Office, sad! Donald Jr. will get nabbed for the Trump Tower meeting and for lying to Congress. Ivanka will get nabbed for her email gaffes and uses. Jared will get nabbed for the Trump Tower meeting and making contacts with Russians before being a senior advisor in the White House to you. Roger Stone will fall for being in contact with the Wikileaks founder Assange and for trying to unveil email leaks to harm Hillary Clinton’s run for the Oval Office. If Steve bannon is luck he may have been the only smart one, who may escape Mueller’s investigation, because nothing has come out on him, yet.

The cells are filling up for Christmas. The Trump team is celebrating inside. as they each tried to lie, to save Trump’s hide, and they went down the tubes all the wayyyyyyyyyyy. It’s beginning to look like a Trump helper shower, falling on jail cells you see! And unless he is careful, Trump could be the singer leads the chorals, sung from prison to you and meeeeeeeeee!

Merry Christmas Donald, the present you are about to get, will made you scowl and cry, but the rest of the americans, will cry with joy, as you go down….

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