America’s Biggest Fear is? Trump!

America’s biggest fear is coming! It will be called not the Russia Investigation by Robert Mueller, it will not be who is convicted or who go to prison,  it will be the 2020 Presidential Election.

All Americans should tremble in fear if Donald J. Trump is allowed to stay in office and run again in 2020. The Republican Party must by now know and understand after the massive democratic landslide in the House, that Trump is done. They must also understand, he is a powerless President come January. Add in The Russia Investigation and the results soon to hit, both in the Senate and House and you have a grand recipe for disaster if the Republicans allow him to run again. He is off balanced, scarey, racist,narcissist, and lost. He is a ego, maniac who is dangerous to the world and America. 

I have discussed Trump, hos lack of ethics and morals many times in my blogs. I have watched CNN, MSNBC, even Fox question his behavior and attitudes and his replies to many questions. His policies of tariffs is destroying American businesses and making enemies out of our allies world wide. It’s sad and the Republican party sits and just watches and whistles away doing nothing to stop him or correct him in anyway.

George Herbert Walker Bush, died last week, and he wasa diplomate, a leader, a ethical and moral man, that Trump can never be. Trump has no morals, or ethics or brains for that matter if he did he would resign before Mueller’s Investigation results are released. Instead he is going to try to hang on and complete his term and then try to run for a second term, if he does and wins, America will never recover, not economically, not domestically, and definitely not around the world, our status is blown, because he is such a failure.

Let me say this as clear as I can to all Americans and especially to all Republicans, Trump is your disaster not all of ours. He is a failure as a President in so many ways, and you Republicans sit on your hands and yes sir, yes sir his ass everyday! Why? 

Soon enough, The Mueller run Russia Investigation will come to a close, I am sure it will include more indictments, that should hit Corsi, Stone and others too.If Mueller is smart, he will release the Report, not only to the Attorney General, The White House and the Senate and House, but also to the American People, publically. Anything less will be hiding it from all americans, and we paid for it, so we have a right to see it all.

As the report hits and the dominos begin to fall as it stands right now, Donald J. Trump will get caught up in it, as well as his son Donald Jr. his daughter Ivanka and his son Eric too. because of Donald J, Trump’s glory hunger, his power grab and his illegal ways of getting to the Oval Office of the White House, his offspring, yes ladies and gentlemen, his children will pay the price also. Is it right for a father to put his own children in danger, just to get elected to the Presidency? 

One last thing before I finish this blog today to think about for all Americans, did you notice Putin and the Prince of Saudi Arabia laughing and hi-fiving at the G-20 Summit? Did you notice the Russians are not pushing to meet with Trump anymore but backing off now, as is North Korea’s Kim Jung Un?  He failed in North Korea, he fails everywhere he goes and he makes enemies out of our allies and this is a man, republicans want to run for a second term I think not.

As General Motors now shuts down 5 plants on the North American Continent, and the jobs disappear, which will happen more so, because Ford is going to do some of the same laying off people. You should all now realize the economy is not Trump’s it’s what is left of Obama’s.

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