It’s time to stop this narcissistic, megalomaniac, now!

We are now getting to many facts about the Trump Presidency and Donald’s run for it, thanks to Robert Mueller and the Russia Investigation. My main question at this point is, did Donald Trump, his son, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen or any of his people actually received help, or money from Russians? I think they did and I think in order to get Trump out of office or to stop his bullshit, the next targets have to include, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump and yes, Jared Kushner.

The reason I say this is simple look at the recent reveals from MUeller and The Russia Investigation, he comes right out as does the District of New York and names Trump as a co conspirator in felonies. and Trump comes out screaming no collusion, no collusion, we are fine! What the hell is wrong with him, doesn’t he understand they are saying he committed felonies in paying off two women, to get elected?

What happens next will depend on Robert Mueller and his indictment or lack of indictments against Donald Jr., Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump. If, one or all of them get indicted and charged, Trump will change his tune, I promise. I believe the first to go thought will be Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone, and Mueller will then continue to tighten the noose, by getting to Jared Kushner and Donald Jr. in the very near future. When it happens I would recommend to all who serve still in the white house to run for cover, for Trump will blow like a volcano.

For me the biggest question that remains and it is the only one for me, is this, What type of a father puts his own children at risk, to gain power and the Oval Office? I find it very disturbing to me, that a man, would put his children out there at risk, for a criminal record and prison time, don’t you?

To me, something is very wrong with Donald Trump mentally and he need medical help in many ways to control his personality disorders, narcissistic problems and his mental incapacities at this stage. I know the Republicans, still own the Senate, so I also know that the democrats own the house very shortly. What I see coming is the democrats blocking all they can from Trump including his demands for a wall and other items at every turn. As to Impeachment, here is what I think, on that, it will take too long to impeach Donald John Trump, no modern Impeachment takes less then at least 14 months. Leave him in office, don’t give the Presidency to Pence who is more dangerous. let Trump twist helplessly in the wind and wear the hat. Just do all we can to protect the country from him.

The solution to the current deliminia in the Oval Office is simple Democrats, let him sit and twist and rant and rave, ignore him and let Mueller do his thing. I believe in the end, The Republicans will come to realize, Trump can’t be their candidate in 2020. I think they will also come to realize Pence is worthless also.

Time will tell how soon Robert Mueller will indict more people and who they will be, protect Mueller and let him finish it all. In the end, if Trump needs Impeached, I am sure the Democrats can write Articles of Impeachment fast and furiously, then run em through the house for votes. The senate being Republicans will block em of course but, it may need to be done to pull Donald’s teeth so to say.

All I will say is this in the end, Donald J. Trump is in my mind and heart, guilty of colluding  with the Russians to win the Presidential Election of 2016, he is guilty of Obstructing Justice in many instances and in many ways. he broke felony laws, by paying off two women he had affairs with, to shut them up during the election. Add the numbers folks, 130 grand to one, one hundred and 150 grand to the other. total please of 280 grand paid out to keep both women silent. breach all federal election laws. Is it enough yet America, or will we continue to allow Trump, to run America under Putin’s directions. He is destroying America from within, and putin, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and all others are laughing at us! It’s time to stop this narcissistic, megalomaniac, now not later, block all he wants done and restore America to its place in the World!

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